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31 December 2016 @ 11:59 pm
Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special.
Think about all your past layouts, default icons, memes.
A Scrapbook is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post.


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I'm a fixer, you come to me with a bad news or a problem, the only thing I can do is thinking about a solution or the positive thing in it... I do it with my family, my friend and myself... That's why people think I'm stronger than I actually am.

Eric had been gone on a work-trip for almost a month now, and we were hoping he was coming back home on Monday (tomorrow) but, last night, there was a change of plans, and it looks like he'll be back by the end of September... One more month... And I'll be in the US from the 14th of September, where he's going to join me in October. By the I would have been away from my husband for more than 2 months. It never happened to us... It's terrible...

Plus we can't have a phone conversation because, when they're working, the ETO limits their access to the Internet and at sea they don't have cellular reception.

The news hit me pretty hard. I'm not going to lie... I'm staying strong because if it's hard from me that I'm home with family and friends, I can only imagine how hard is for him, that is working surrounded by not-so-happy people...

This year has been hard with the yacht having a very weird schedule and we have to suck it up... It's going to be hard for a while... So basically until I'll get my citizenship and I will have more room for my movements in and out of the States.

I'm trying to find the bright side, but I can't... Eric and I are use to spend every moment of our day together, we were working together, sharing a tiny cabin, spend our time off together... And now we're forced to stay separate...

It just sucks and I wish I was more okay with the uncertainty of our lives...
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I am genuinely ashamed of myself because I didn't have the time to read as much as I wanted. When I was packing to come over to Italy I packed a lot of books thinking I would have spent HUGE chunks of my day reading, but life got in the way and even reading in the evening while in bed is difficult because here, up in the mountains, you get tired easily!

I'm glad I'm spending quality time with family and friends and driving around by Vespa taking it all in! But I wish I gave more time to my books! I'll try to be better from now on... I really want to get back on tracks!

The Book of Speculation
Originally published: Jan 1, 2015
Author: Erika Swyler
Genre: Fiction / Magical Realism
(reading time: Jun 26 - Jul 14)
I hate it took me so long to finish this book because it was very good!

Very well written and real to a fault characters and intriguing story. The story is narrated both in the past and in the present by two different characters and it moves in a way that just flows perfectly, I really don't know how else to put it!

The whole concept of a curse running through a family was already appealing to me, but I found also very cleaver that the curse was somehow casted unintentionally. There aren't elements of fantasy in the book, so it feels like it could be a real story and the people in it act like real people would do in such a situation, with the right amount of skepticism. The characters know they need to find a way to salve themselves and there's no need of someone acting as the hero, the chosen one. The entanglement of the families involved in the story is again surprisingly accurate and real.

Some of the passages of the book are wonderfully written. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

Aftermath Book 2 Life Debt
Originally published: July 12, 2016
Author: Chuck Wendig
Genre: Science Fiction
(reading time: Jul 14 - Aug 3)
I didn't know how many stars to give to this book because, maybe, if I didn't expect a book about Han and Chewie I would have read it and rate it under a different light.

It's not a bad book, but to me it doesn't deliver what it promised. The book back cover basically mentions just Han and Chewie on a mission to liberate Kashyyyk (Chewie's home planet) from slavery, but, after the first chapter, it takes more than 200 pages to the reader to be reunited with their favorite smuggler... The first half of the book is very slow and I had to use the audiobook file in order to get through it... Usually it takes me a week max to read a book... It took me almost 3 to finish it. Luckily the second half it's better, but maybe because Han, Leia and Chewie are in it.

I don't think I'm going to read the third one... I will probably read only the parts that interest me: the Han and Leia parts, I would expect them to make an apparition since Leia is about to give birth to Ben... And I'd read about Wedge... I really hope he'll end up with Norra, but a part of me doubt it... :(

The parts I've appreciate are of course the ones about my heroes. Leia was AWESOME as usual and I loved the bits about Han and Chewie too (the reunion and the goodbye above all) but I needed more...

Luke is again MIA as in Claudia Grey's Bloodline... That males me thing in Episode VIII we might get some interesting flashbacks about what went on with him right after Endor.

I miss the old canon and I'm scared we're going to have less and less books about the original trio and that's a pity. :(

I'm giving the book 3 stars because it didn't suck and the parts I was interested in were very good. Norra's crew is also very likable so it wasn't that bad reading about them!
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Last day of the month and last question. I want to thank you all for your wonderful questions and I'm looking forward to do this again! I had wonderful comments to my answers that led me to know you all better and I'm very glad, so Thank you again, guys! I hope you enjoyed it too! Here the question of the day... one of my favorite!

What are your favorite kind of tropes in fiction? What are some tropes that you dislike? What tropes do you think we need more of? rogueslayer452

I don't think there is a favorite trope I am attracted to, I definitely have a couple of littarature generes I tend to go to, but I'm fine with a trope as long as it surprises me and it doesn't became a cliché. I tend to read a lot of Historical Fiction, Sci Fi Novels, Romantic Novels (non cheesy) and Classics. I sometimes go to Fantasy but just if it's for Adults... and I might try Contemporary Novels occasionally, but it's rare for me to get swept into it. I might do it if I know the author and I already like the way he/she writes. Basically if something is well written and I trust the author I'm able to enjoy andy kind of trope. Said so there are some tropes that are strictly connected with a genere and I would never get close to them, not even if the book is for free...

I have a very bad relationship with young adult books... I always had problems with it even as a teen, and in Young Adult (and also in Romantic Fiction) the tropers thet are too often used and abused, and I don't like at all are:
- The first time you fall in love you are 16-ish and he/she is THE ONE and you're going to be together forever. BORING. I get instant attraction, but instant Love is just annoying. I like my OTP to get to know each other and get there in a reasonable amount of time. I'm a sucker for romance, but the real kind of romance.
- The Love Triangle where 99% of the times there are two boys fighting for a girl. The two boys are either very close or nemesis. Why can't we have two girls and a boy? Anyway love triangles are just an excuse to make the story move forward slowly. The only book I've read with a very good love triangle was The Fortune Hunter with a man torn between two women, and I enjoyed it quite a lot! So maybe the reverse triangle would be an interesting trope for me...
- The Damned/Forbidden Love between a Human and a Supernatural Creature. With all that Emo drama... And the girl is always super gorgeous and clumsy and no one notice her but THE ONE. So unrealistic...
So basically Twilight is the worst book ever for me LOL! Followed by 50 Shades of Gray (that, after all was a Twilight AU FanFiction).
A trope I like in Romantic Fiction (or any other kind of fiction) is when the soon-to-be OTP fight a lot, and there's a lot of chemistry and UST... Like Elizabeth and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice... Such a great book...

Sci-Fi Novels have some tropes I tend to roll my eyes but I don't dislike as much as the ones I just mentioned.
- Space Travel and Time Travel. Love it... The only thing I don't like is the immediate future is creepy because we're all the same (we dress the same, we have the same cars/ships, we're all pale,...) and the far away future is creepier because we're back to cave men/women dressed with animal skins etc. Technology is gone and we don't know how to get it back... It seems like the only thing smart we had was our phone and without it we're not able to do anything but go back to prehistorical times.
- The Aliens are always smarter than us and they want to kill us all. That I don't like. Why do they want to kill us and why do they want to study us? If I was able to travel to other planets would be for knowledge, just the same thing I do when I travel to another State... Just to take a look and learn new things... It's not like I want to go visit Canada to make experiments on Canadians to find out why they are so polite. And I don't want to visit Japan to just kill the entire population just because... That's probably why I like Star Wars Novels and Doctor Who Novels where Space and Time travel is used in a different way. The Doctor travels like he's on vacation and the Star Wars Characters interact with other species in a natural way.

One thing I don't like that you can find way too often in action books is the extremely smart dialogue in dangerous situation. They're shooting at you and your friends and you come out with a very smart joke to say and your pal answer you with the same level of wittiness... That's not realistic and annoying...

So basically the only tropes I like and I want more is the kind that can still surprise me. I like to be put in a situation where I think I know how it's going to go but then I find out I'm so wrong... But at the end of the day I'd read anything if well written... xD
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July 30th - In your opinion, what is an annoying trend in fandom that needs to stop? rogueslayer452

I'm not sure how to answer to this question. Like, do you mean a trend in a fandom of my choice that I think it needs to stop or just in general... If you mean in general then I'd say: People need to stop getting offended by anything and being rude. This is why I'm still here on LJ and I didn't jumped into tumblr (I have an account, but I rarely use it) there people are just too crazy sometimes... I only read nasty comments and people act like spoiled brat... They don't want to hear you if you don't agree with them. Here on LJ people have conversations, and even if 2 people don't agree on something, both of them get out of the conversation (not argument) with more informations and a clearer idea of the point of view of the other person.

More questions HERE
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July 29th - What are your thoughts on remakes/reboots? What are some key factors into making a successful and respectful remake? rogueslayer452

As I accidentally mentioned the other day, I 'm not a big fan of remakes/reboots. I mean, am I going to watch a remake/reboot of a show I was use to watch? Hell yes, but before watching it you'll see me go through the stages of grief:

1. Denial: Oh no no no, it can't be happening. That was such a great show... they can't...

2. Anger: NO! They're totally going to ruin it. The ending wasn't that bad (the ending is 95% of the times bad IMHO... I'm extremely rarely happy with the ending of a show today because the creators go for the OMG factor, to surprise thr fan... I'm looking at you How I Met Your Mother with your STUPID ending I'll NEVER forgive you Craig Thomas and Carter Bays) and now they're going to make a mess of it. Damn it! I'm NOT going to watch it.

3. Bargaining: Oh... Look... The original cast is all there... They're so pretty... I can watch just one episode... I mean... They're not going to mess it all up right from the start, right? Maybe just a couple...

4. Depression: It was such a good show. Why do I want to do that to myself? The crazy amount of feels the first run gave me wasn't enough? All the tears... all the flipped tables... all these sleepless night because it Italy we're 6 hours ahead,... WHY?? *ugly sobbing*

5. Acceptance: You know what? I'm going to watch it. I'm probably going to hate every minute of it but damn it it's good to see these faces again!

I think networks should stop thinking about making money right away on something they know will sell because it already has a fanbase, and start concentrating again on original contents, creating new fandoms. 75% of the time a new show is out you hear the magic words: "Show XYZ based on the national best seller ZYX" now they're even doing shows based on movies like Minority Report and Limitless,... Were they good shows? Limitless definitely was, and it should have been renewed, but that's not the point...

To finish answering your question: the key factor to a successful and respectful remake is thinking about what else the show and its story could give to its fans... What is left to say... and work from there, instead of thinking about how much more money a new character, for instance, would bring in terms of franchising.
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26 July 2016 @ 08:52 pm
As I said a couple of posts ago, I've been missing in action here on LJ for a couple of days because I had some friends over. They all have been to Genova years ago, and for specific events, so they didn't have time to go around and see places. That was kind of challenging for me, because I had to come up with a plan in order to show them something cool in the brief time we had. They also stayed at my place, and it was the first time I had host in my place here in Italy, and that was another challenge, because I like everything tidy and it's impossible to keep up with the house while you have guests.

I loved having them here for once, and one of them managed to met Eric. Mark arrived a couple of days before Valex and BhMh and Eric had these 2 evening off, but the boss had a trip planned for the weekend so, Valex and BhMh, got to see him from the yacht, waving us all goodbye while he was leaving port. That was very sweet of him since I know he stress a lot about following the rules, written and unwritten, and I think that waving the wife and her friends goodbye from the upper deck while the owner is just below him, is not something he would have done just because... That made me very proud and I felt even more special then I usually feel (and he makes me feel plenty special).

I decided to show them Portofino (where the yacht was headed as well) because it's just so beautiful and the ferry ride is gorgeous. The day was lovely and - on land - I even met 2 of my ex crew mates who asked me help to get something for the owner (not the first time this month I have to help someone from the boat). One of them told me right away he misses my face a lot and I know what he meant... I miss these boys so much, but keep working there wasn't an option anymore (but I'll explain better in one of my next posts... this is a happy place).

Here some of the photos I took that day.
Portofino 2016Collapse )
It's insane how, when I show these places to people that didn't grew up around there, I feel like I'm seeing them for the first time too. I hate thinking that was a time I took them for granted. Travelling didn't just make me fall in love with new, different places, but it made me redescover the love of my land.

I don't want to talk about what's going on in Europe and the whole World right now... It's too painful and enraging and I can't do it... but I just want to say this one thing: We can't stop seeing the World because of fear. I'll never stop going where I feel like going. I'll never stop visiting new places and go back to old ones. I'll keep learning and I'll keep falling in love with what I see. That's the only way I know. That's the only way I can live.
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Today I wasn't suppose to be in a rush but I am. I really can't wait for a day when I can actually stop. I commented on posts from my phone every time I could break away for a second, so I'm sorry if some of them are full of grammar horrors!

Today question is brought to us by rogueslayer452 What is one fandom that you would love to see a revival for?

I'm the kind of person who complains about all these revivals and movies/shows coming out form book adaptations... I feel like we're in need of fresh stuff... but, for tv networks and production labels, is definitely easier to make money from something that already has a fan base. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely excited when I hear some of the shows/movies I loved are coming back... You should have see me reacting to the news they were doing an Episode VII of Star Wars! I will definitely watch Gilmore Girls because: HELL YEAH!, I jumped into the X-Files like there was no other choice, when I saw the Scofield brothers reunited in Flash and in Legends of Tomorrow I got all nostalgic and than BAM Prison Break: the sequel...

I get very excited because I'm human... but I'm always also very scared when I read/hear something is coming back, so I don't know which show I loved I would like to have back and risk the possibility it would get ruined... If I was absolutely certain there was NO chance to screw it up, I would like to have a revival of Firefly (NOT on Fox) with ALL the original cast, Wash included (maybe they cloned him, he has a twin brother? I don't know but Alan Tudyk HAS to be part of it!

A couple of years ago I would have said I would have loved another season of Friends, because I miss them so much... But the actors keep guest starring in each others shows so I'm okay with it! :) I can't wait to see which one of them will appear on Matt LeBlanc's new comedy!!! :)

Oh and if I could have just one episode of a HIMYM revival, where they erase everything that happened in the season finale I would pay out of my pocket...
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I'm alive!

Sorry I've been MIA for the last couple of days but I had some friends over and I was extremely busy. I'll do a post later (or in the next couple of days) with some photos, but for now I still am on a rush!

So on July 20th orangerful asked 3 random things about Italy or Italians we should all know!

1. Since you asked this question to me you know what's going to be the main focus of this answer: COFFEE... Here are the basic rules: a) an espresso is NEVER more than 25/30 ml. b) if you ask for a Latte in a coffee shop in Italy they'll give you milk c) Cappuccino is socially acceptable ONLY at breakfast, but you can ask for a macchiato: an espresso with a little bit of milk foam... a mini cappuccino basically xD
2. FOOD: a) Garlic Bread, Spaghetti and Meat Ball and Alfredo Sauce are not Italian: we eat plain bread during a meal (no butter oil or vinegar with it), Spaghetti and Meatball go basically always separate (different meals or different plates) and Alfredo for us is just a name :D b) When you make pasta you add salt to the boiling water before putting the pasta in and NOT OLIVE OIL (that prevents the sauce to mix with the pasta and it's just plain sad)
3. THE BIDET is the best thing in the world. To answer some of the questions I've been asked about it: Yes, every Italian has it, no, it's not a little tub for babies, yes, we still use toiler paper before it. In America I actually take a shower every time I do number 2. We're very protective of our ceramic friend!

BONUS: Italians are not patriotic... We HATE and LOVE Italy equally. For every thing we love we have one we hate and viceversa.

Also you should watch this hilarious video about Italians VS Europeans, quite accurate xD:

And on July 21st rogueslayer452 asked If you could use the technology seen on Stitchers, would you be one of the engineer team members or could you handle the emotional and psychological aspects of being someone like Kirsten of stitching into the memories of the deceased?
Since my background I would have to say I'd be the one who uses the tech, but I think I'd be good at what Kirsten does, I have a photographic memory and I'm very good at solving mysteries. I can also be extremely cold and I - sadly - don't have a lot of compassion for people I don't know... I always feel like I should be more touched by what happens in other people lives, but often I'm not... I can't control that. :(

I should be able to answer tomorrow's question on time! Now I have to run back to other things I didn't take care of in the past couple of days... I hope knowing you guys were high in my list of To Do Things make you proud! :D
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OMG, is it already the 19th of July? How is it even possible? I have to thank you guys, because, if it wasn't for these questions I wouldn't be spending any time at all on LJ and I would be get very upset at myself!

As for today question: - What is a food that you would never try and why? thegrownupthing

Basically, everything that is shown in this video LOL

LOL, yeah, I would not try anything that looks that disgusting.

My dad is a chef, so he made me try very interesting things growing up, but most of the times it's all about the presentation (and the smell), isn't it? I ate a lot of things I would have never tried if I knew what they were and if they looked like what they were... :D Food needs to look and smell good... :D
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