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01 January 2018 @ 09:30 pm
Hello Visitor/Friend!

Here's a post to make it easy for you to find what you need around my Livejournal!
I'll try to keep this post updated!
Feel free to make suggestions to other things I should link in here!


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I forgot to post my review last week so this week it's double!

I can't believe next week the season finale will air... And a DOUBLE EPISODE! Wow!

I have so many exoectations and i am trying to keep them in check, I'm not sure I'll be able to! LOL

Here the reviews!

7x13 InevitableCollapse )

7x14 Pulling the GoalieCollapse )
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06 April 2018 @ 02:44 pm
I am behind with all my shows thsanks to Neil Patrick Harris and A Series of Unfortunate Events, but there are things I cannot put on pause... I'm just too obsessed with this show...

7x12 Bad ManCollapse )

I didn't review episode 11 because I was too busy squeeing... I promise, I'll do better!!!
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21 February 2018 @ 07:34 pm
I guess we had to expect this... After all these nostalgia shows about the 80es, deep down we knew that the 90es were next...

Even if I didn't spend my high school years in the 90es (I started highschool in 2000), and I was not in the US back then, I remember all of it: the amazing music, the crazy and free hair styles, the clothes, the CD player that was always skipping when you were moving, the 56k dial-up internet connection and its never ending sound,...

I can realte with all of it and it feels good, but at the same time not so good because soon, in a couple of years, we'll havea  series about the kids in the '00 and that makes me feel so old already!

Anyway I highly recommend this show because it's quite cute. Here a series of things I liked about it

- Netflix know how to cast! There are no doubts! No 30 years old pretending to be 16, no state of the art make up and hair, no super hot teachers or moms that wake up amazing even if they have kids and a job (I am looking at you Bad Mom Movies even if I love you Kirsten Bell) or fathers that have the time to work out and proudly carry around a six pack (and I am not talking about beer)... Normal people... I just love it!

- The music was so good back then! I forgot how good it was and all the songs they mentioned and listened to are stuck in my brain now

- The storyline, even if it's simple, it's good. SPOILERSCollapse )

- I loved the "We're all the heroes of our own story. Without even realizing, we're probably the bad guy in someone else's." theme that keeps coming up!

- Did I mentioned the music? LOL

If you want to give it a go it's just 10 episode (25-30 minutes each). If you decide to check it out or you did it already, let me know in the comments!
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31 December 2017 @ 03:14 pm
There is one thing that all good scrapbook pages do: they tell a story.
A scrapbook is a story and scrapbooking is storytelling.
Scrapbookers today are preserving yesterday for tomorrow.

scrapbook 2017.jpg
SCRAPBOOK 2017Collapse )
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03 December 2017 @ 12:36 pm
I was super excited when Supergirl was renewed and moved to the CW, because I am a sucker for crossovers! I find them to be usually more interesting than the usual episodes, (excluding premieres, finales and episodes shown just before a break) even if rarely something huge happens, and I have to say I really liked last year crossover, I think it was really well done, even if Supergirl basically had a normal episode that just ended where the crossover started; every episode had all (or almost all) its main, and was concentrating more on the dynamics of these main, but the flow was just right... I would have been happy with another crossover like that but this year the CW created something even better than a movie!

I was very impressed with the whole thing, there was no way to figure out which show you were watching, because every episode fade into the next one perfectly and the whole thing had its own tone... I just want to say: GIVE ME MORE!

I've been quite disappointed with the DC shows this year so far...Click here if you want to know whyCollapse )! But the crossover made me want to keep watching!!!

Here my thoughts on the Crossover Episodes:

Crisis on Earth XCollapse )

Did you see the crossover? What did you think?
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Time for a review! YAY!

First: Thank you Canada for giving me Lucifer always a day earlier!
Second: I am actually writing this post on Monday afternoon but I'll set it up so that it could post tomorrow, just in case!
Third: how many Lucifer fans are here? Because I need someone to fangirling with LOL!

(Lucifer) 3x03 Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen SmithCollapse )

- What did you think of 3x03 Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith?
- Any theory on who Tom Welling/Marcus Pierce is?
Comment if you follow the show <3
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16 October 2017 @ 11:02 am
Hi guys! Still pregnant! :D

Since I asked you a couple of days ago when do you think I am going to finally run to the hospital, I decided to make a post with your guesses! Feel free to comment with your guess so that I can add it to the list! :)

The due date according to the Doctors is October 21st!



imagine_peace October 16 -
qwentoozla October 16 10:00pm
eowyn October 17 1:45pm
thegrownupthing October 17 3:23pm
xfirefly9x October 20 3:23am
crinkle October 20 5:00pm
orangerful October 21 -
touchofgr3y October 22 -
verdande_mi October 22 7:00/8:00 am
moongirl24 October 22 9:30 am

Let's see who will get closer :)
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14 October 2017 @ 12:40 pm
My TV calendar is now complete (well... almost since I am still waiting for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and full!

Someone told me I will have time to watch my shows while I'm nursing... I hope so, because they are a lot! Otherwise I will have to binge watch a lot of things when the kid starts to go to school LOL!

Now that the Premieres have aired (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D... November 21st? REALLY???) I can start doing a weekly TV post with some short reviews, I think for now I will only review Lucifer separately because it's the show I'm most excited about! But some of these shows might surprise me and give me a very strong season... Fingers crossed!


Get ready... The list is long! :D

My October TV calendarCollapse )

So, how's your October TV wise? How do you find the season premieres of your shows? Did they all start between September and October or you have something you're still waiting for for the Fall Season? Did you add something to your calendar? Are you planning to give up on something as well? Let me know!!
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02 October 2017 @ 06:26 pm
I love shipping memes... They're my favorites... I remember a couple of years ago doing the 30 days shipping meme and having so much fun coming up with the answers and the layouts of the posts... I often thought about bringing it back ad do it again since my some of my answers changed.

But I found this shipping meme and I saw it on a few pages but I am officially stealing this from xlovebecomesher also because I found out we share a very unusual ship!!! :)

So here we go! 40 questions shipping meme! Please feel free to snag it!
Shipping Meme This WayCollapse )
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