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How about a random post?

I've been back home for a week now... I can't believe how fast time is flying... I fear summer will pass by too soon... I miss Florida but I don't miss feeling alone there... Here I have people I've known my own life... There I have infinite possibilities and that's awesome but still scary...

I've been busy catching up with family and friends (In a couple of ours I'll get together with my aunt and cousins after SEVEN MONTHS 😱), I had to do a deep clean of the house, even if I covered everything Downton Abbey style. I still need to watch the show, but I guess they deal with that covering everything with white sheets craziness, occasionally... My friends often said to me my job was a modern version of the show but on water... And we used to cover EVERYTHING after every trip, so I'm just assuming they did that too!

I had to buy a guitar the other day because I could not travel with my Taylor... I didn't trust AirFrance enough with my precious baby... I have problems giving them my luggage sometimes, so you can imagine how stressed I was thinking about these guys throwing my guitar around... So here's a photo of me on my terrace, with my new guitar... It sounds beautifully (even when I'm the one playing).

I have to catch up on books as well... I've been reading The Book of Speculation, by Erika Swyler and it's VERY good... I picked it up because I get excited every time I see Erika spelled with a K... Just like my name... And I wish I could share more than just the name with the author since she's so talented... "Unfortunately" I have to read fast, because, in 3 days Aftermath: Life Debt will come out... That's the second book of the saga, but I haven't read the first one because there was no Han, Leia and Luke, so I wasn't interested, so I hope I won't have any trouble understanding what's going on... I'll probably read the first book eventually...

Okay... Enough with the randomness for today. I have a book to read and a family date later... Hope you're weekend is as great as mine!
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