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July Ask Me Anything Meme, Day 13 (July 13th)

July 13th - Harrison Ford's birthday! What turned you into a Harrison fangirl? (feel free to include photos...lots and lots of photos....) orangerful

Be careful what you wish for orangerful, because I have tons of Harrison Ford Photos in my HD!


To answer your question, I don't actually know where it all started or when. I just noticed he was/is very good looking in the Star Wars Movies and the Indiana Jones saga, that made me want to know more about the guy, and I started watching some of his interviews on youtube... Starting from the past and slowly getting closer to the present.

I lack of patience, but I make up for it with a lot of perseverance, a quality that young Harrison shares with me. It took him a while to get where he wanted to be, and eventually he succeeded... And there's nothing I like more than seeing someone - who deserves it - to get rewarded. Something way too rare. I loved how, in his first interviews (as well as the new ones) he was always aware of what he had, without taking it for granted, and he's always been so humble and just happy to be part of something. One of the most amazing interviews I saw was the one on "Inside the Actor Studio". He was just perfect. Maybe it was that interview that made me become an hard core fangirl...

Or maybe it was all because of this photos:

I could go on for days :) Gosh, he has the best face ever!
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