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28 August 2007 @ 12:05 pm
Nei Giardini Che Nessuno Sa  
Hi.. I've made a video about House and Cameron...
The song is Italian "Nei Giardini che nessuno sa" in english "In the garden that no one knows" is really beautiful. I add the translation in english of it so please read it, it's important for the storyline :)

House/Cameron - The gardens that no one knows
by Laura Pausini
Song: Laura Pausini Nei Giardini che nessuno sa
Spoilers: Season 1/2/3
Description: Cameron confronts again the death of someone she loves.
What's happened if House really had cancer and he leave that Cameron stay by him side?


I hope that you enjoied... please leave a comment... i love the comments ^^

The gardens that no one knows

Feel that scraggy skin, a deep cold inside your soul,
it's hard even for one tear to fall down.
too many expectations behind the corners, joys that don't belong to you,
This time never merges, plays against us,
And this is how we end up, nailed to a window, sad spectators of impossibile happiness...
So many journeys postponed, empty luggages for all time,
that unknown pain, it is the only thing that never leaves you, oh never!
that uneasiness is a shelter, you grew up way too fast,
there are no miracles now, no more,
don't listen to those girls, don't touch those pills,
that nun has a strong character, she knows how to deal with souls,
I would give you my eyes, so you could see what you don't see.
the energy, the joy, to make you smile again.
tell you 'yes', always 'yes', and succeed in making you fly,
where you want, where you know,
with that weight no more on your heart.
Hide your clouds and the winters that hurt you,
heal your wounds, more teeth so you can eat,
and then watch you laugh, and watch you run again.
forget, someone distractly forgets a flower on a sunday,
and then... silence. And then... silence. Silence...
In the gardens that no one knows,
you breath uselessness, there's respect and great tidiness,
it's almost crazy.
You don't know how beautiful it is to hold you,
to find myself here, defending you,
clean you up and whisper to you not to give up,
In the gardens that no one knows, life just drags on,
only ailments, no fantasy
Hold them, help them, please don't let them fall.
Weak, fragile, don't deny them a little of your love,
The stars are quiet now, but they give a reason to the sky,
Humans don't shine, if they are not stars.
Hands that now shake, cause the wind is blowing harder...
don't leave them, cause death could surprise them.
we are the useless, cause altough we have, sometimes we don't give,
forget, someone distractly forgets a flower on a sunday,
and then...silence. And then... silence. Silence....

translation by allisonhouse 
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