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July Ask Me Anything Meme, Day 15 (July 15th)

Today Pokémon Go will be released in the Italian Apple Store.. That means I'll have some competition and I don't like that! I want to catch them ALL! It also mean I won't be the only one walking around holding my phone in a very weird way xD

Here's today question: What's the most expensive present you have ever bought for someone else? thegrownupthing
Mmmmh... The last couple of years - due to my job - I've lost Christmases, Birthdays and Weddings. At Christmas, on board, we had a 50$ budget for Secret Santa, and it has been that way for 4 years now... And my family doesn't want me to send them anything, because than they have to deal with the delivery issues and also they feel like they have to send something back, and I don't want to put them in this position...

The person I spend more money on is Eric but they're rarely things... We often buy each other concert tickets (for him) theatre tickets (for me) but mostly we buy each others vacations. For instant, for his birthday we went to the Disney Hollywood Studios and I paid for the hotel and the tickets. But I don't know which trip costed me the most, but yes, it was definitely something connected to a vacation.
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