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Book Reviews: The Book of Speculation and Aftermath Life Debt

I am genuinely ashamed of myself because I didn't have the time to read as much as I wanted. When I was packing to come over to Italy I packed a lot of books thinking I would have spent HUGE chunks of my day reading, but life got in the way and even reading in the evening while in bed is difficult because here, up in the mountains, you get tired easily!

I'm glad I'm spending quality time with family and friends and driving around by Vespa taking it all in! But I wish I gave more time to my books! I'll try to be better from now on... I really want to get back on tracks!

The Book of Speculation
Originally published: Jan 1, 2015
Author: Erika Swyler
Genre: Fiction / Magical Realism
(reading time: Jun 26 - Jul 14)
I hate it took me so long to finish this book because it was very good!

Very well written and real to a fault characters and intriguing story. The story is narrated both in the past and in the present by two different characters and it moves in a way that just flows perfectly, I really don't know how else to put it!

The whole concept of a curse running through a family was already appealing to me, but I found also very cleaver that the curse was somehow casted unintentionally. There aren't elements of fantasy in the book, so it feels like it could be a real story and the people in it act like real people would do in such a situation, with the right amount of skepticism. The characters know they need to find a way to salve themselves and there's no need of someone acting as the hero, the chosen one. The entanglement of the families involved in the story is again surprisingly accurate and real.

Some of the passages of the book are wonderfully written. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

Aftermath Book 2 Life Debt
Originally published: July 12, 2016
Author: Chuck Wendig
Genre: Science Fiction
(reading time: Jul 14 - Aug 3)
I didn't know how many stars to give to this book because, maybe, if I didn't expect a book about Han and Chewie I would have read it and rate it under a different light.

It's not a bad book, but to me it doesn't deliver what it promised. The book back cover basically mentions just Han and Chewie on a mission to liberate Kashyyyk (Chewie's home planet) from slavery, but, after the first chapter, it takes more than 200 pages to the reader to be reunited with their favorite smuggler... The first half of the book is very slow and I had to use the audiobook file in order to get through it... Usually it takes me a week max to read a book... It took me almost 3 to finish it. Luckily the second half it's better, but maybe because Han, Leia and Chewie are in it.

I don't think I'm going to read the third one... I will probably read only the parts that interest me: the Han and Leia parts, I would expect them to make an apparition since Leia is about to give birth to Ben... And I'd read about Wedge... I really hope he'll end up with Norra, but a part of me doubt it... :(

The parts I've appreciate are of course the ones about my heroes. Leia was AWESOME as usual and I loved the bits about Han and Chewie too (the reunion and the goodbye above all) but I needed more...

Luke is again MIA as in Claudia Grey's Bloodline... That males me thing in Episode VIII we might get some interesting flashbacks about what went on with him right after Endor.

I miss the old canon and I'm scared we're going to have less and less books about the original trio and that's a pity. :(

I'm giving the book 3 stars because it didn't suck and the parts I was interested in were very good. Norra's crew is also very likable so it wasn't that bad reading about them!
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