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14 August 2016 @ 10:29 am
Real Life: Sometimes even I lack finding something positive in a bad news!  
I'm a fixer, you come to me with a bad news or a problem, the only thing I can do is thinking about a solution or the positive thing in it... I do it with my family, my friend and myself... That's why people think I'm stronger than I actually am.

Eric had been gone on a work-trip for almost a month now, and we were hoping he was coming back home on Monday (tomorrow) but, last night, there was a change of plans, and it looks like he'll be back by the end of September... One more month... And I'll be in the US from the 14th of September, where he's going to join me in October. By the I would have been away from my husband for more than 2 months. It never happened to us... It's terrible...

Plus we can't have a phone conversation because, when they're working, the ETO limits their access to the Internet and at sea they don't have cellular reception.

The news hit me pretty hard. I'm not going to lie... I'm staying strong because if it's hard from me that I'm home with family and friends, I can only imagine how hard is for him, that is working surrounded by not-so-happy people...

This year has been hard with the yacht having a very weird schedule and we have to suck it up... It's going to be hard for a while... So basically until I'll get my citizenship and I will have more room for my movements in and out of the States.

I'm trying to find the bright side, but I can't... Eric and I are use to spend every moment of our day together, we were working together, sharing a tiny cabin, spend our time off together... And now we're forced to stay separate...

It just sucks and I wish I was more okay with the uncertainty of our lives...
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Melissa Rose_melodic_ on August 14th, 2016 11:29 pm (UTC)
Haha he did! He had wanted to ride his bike across the country before he turned 30 since he was 18 years old and last year was his cut off. We were sad but adjusted eventually!

Aww, thanks for remembering/noticing! This is maybe the second time I've gotten to write "husband" and it's very exciting!! It's been going well! We only had one day off after the wedding so we haven't got to spend too much time together but we have Monday and Tuesday off so yay! <3
Ery-chan: David Tennant (Photoshoot)erychan86 on August 15th, 2016 06:02 am (UTC)
Well, that's a nice goal to set... I'm glad he had the chance to do it... :)

Enjoy your 2 days with the brand new hubby and feel free to giggle every time you say it... After 2 years it still hits me sometimes... It makes me feel all grown up and awesome... It's good when it still makes that effect on you so cherish it... Hope you guys have 2 wonderful days!!! 😘