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meme: ask me anything

I've been thinking about it and I want to do it again! And now that I have a lot of new friends seems likt the right moment to do it...

Here are the rules:
- Pick any day (or more than one) and ask any question, I'll answer that question in a new entry on that day... I mean it... ask ANYTHING from fandom stuff to real life, don't be shy cause I'm not!
- Multiple questions are not a problem, I'm ready to open up people...
- Don't be afraid of asking on a day that's already taken... The more the merrier!

I loved it way too much the first time and it's a great way to be able to share and to post more! Please ASK away! I LOVE questions and the craziest the better! Just go wild! (I'm already very excited!)

I will add in questions from comments.

01. What's your favorite thing about autumn? ragnarok_08 / What do you like about fall/autumn? panda / What matters most to you and why? topum
02. Favorite childhood TV shows? ragnarok_08
03. What is your favourite flower and why? monkiainen
04. What is the best thing about living in Italy? What about the United States? carbonpaper
05. Favorite song right now? ragnarok_08
06. What is your favourite colour and why? lifefailsme
07. What is your favourite thing about your husband? verdande_mi
08. Why is it that after all of these years of fighting "labels" are we now labeling ourselves. (LBGTQIA, CIS, etc) What are your thoughts on labels? cherrytattoo77
09. What are your top 5 books that you enjoy? panda
10. When you dream, do you dream in Italian or English? verdande_mi
11. If you could live in any fictional universe/place, where would you live? eowyn
13. How do you react to beggars? Have you ever been approached by a beggar & felt threatened or in danger? Have you ever picked up a hitch hiker? Given money or bought food for someone like that? cherrytattoo77 / Would you rather lose an arm or an leg? monkiainen
15. Favorite song of the moment orangerful
16. Who's your favorite fictional family? moongirl24
17. I'm asking for this as a birthday present XD can you cast us scoobies with actors just like you did with all the colleagues on the boat and explain your choices? thegrownupthing
18. 3 places you'd love to travel to? batmarg
19. What are your top 5 movies that you enjoy? panda
20. You love coffee, but how do you like it? Black or with some fixings? orangerful
21. What's a guilty pleasure? eowyn
22. What's your favorite candy? orangerful
23. Do you have a favourite fandom and or pairing/ship? verdande_mi
24. What's your favorite place in the world? moongirl24
25. Your senses: your favorite smell? your favorite view (show us?) your favorite feeling? your favorite taste? your favorite sound? tigtogiba34
26. What do you think of Constitutional Monarchy? lifefailsme
27. If you could bring back one show that, in your opinion, was canceled too early, what would it be? batmarg
28. You're suddenly famous! What for How does being a celebrity effect your life do you stay true to yourself or do you become a total diva! tigtogiba34
29. Favourite DW episode? eowyn
30. If you found a magic lamp, what would your first wish be? lifefailsme
31. What's your favorite Halloween costume you wore as a kid? sictransits

I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions.
-Lou Holtz
Tags: !meme, meme: ask me anything october 2016

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