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ask me anything meme - day 02 (oct 2nd)

Day 2 of the Ask me anything Meme and if you want to ask more questions feel free to do so, ask away in the comments here! The more the better!

ragnarok_08 asked me: Favorite childhood TV shows?

It can come off as shocking since I watch (and watched) so much TV, but it all happened quite recently LOL [HERE a list of all the show I've watched] infact, I wasn't into TV as a kid *insert shocked emoji here*! In my defense I can say there wasn't that wonderful thing called internet back then, or at least it wasn't so easy to get... Do not be sad for me though, I had a wonderful childhood, and I was out all day on my bike with my gang, but I LOVED cartoons and I LOVED Sailor Moon! (Still Love it still Watch it #SailorMoonCrystal where is the next season, WHERE?).

I was only watching TV while having lunch and dinner and then out the door. During lunch I watched Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball but in the evening I wasn't in charge of what to watch.

Niles is still my everything! He was the original shipper LOL!

Dad was in charge and he LOVES the news (I still can't stand it) but he knew I wasn't a fan so, before the news, we were watching The Nanny and I LOVED the Nanny. Such a fun show... Fun thing I discovered years later is that the Italian dubbing changed everything. Fran (for us Francesca)'s mother and grandmother were her aunt and great aunt in our version, and she was from a city next to Rome instead being from Queens, and there was no mention of the fact they were jewish... They were italians... I watched it again years later and it was like watching a new show! Maybe Fran and Mr Sheffield are actually my very first TV ship! Niles is definitely related to me! We both ship so hard!
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