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04 October 2016 @ 10:05 am
ask me anything meme - day 04 (oct 4th)  
Eric and I are still traveling North.
We've stopped for the night in Fayetteville, NC, and now we're going going out to explore and for some breakfast... I'm craving Krispy Kreme... That Offer on National Coffee Day definitely worked because I'm hooked up!
We've never stop here so I hope I'll find something pretty! :D

imagine_peace asked What is the best thing about living in Italy? What about the United States?

I was talking with Eric about it the other day (he loves Italy) and I was telling him how my leaving home (Italy) made me learn how to love it and miss it... but still, now I'd never being able to give up on the US . Every time I leave Florida I instantly miss it, and it happens the same when I'm leaving Italy too! So, a thing that I really like about both places is that they're able to make me feel home and I find myself missing them when I'm not there! I don't take either Country for granted!

The best thing about living in Italy is food! Sorry to be too obvious! And it's all about the quality, not the variety. Everything is good... and the coffee (but if you buy a Nespresso Coffee Maker you can have Italian Coffee at home too). I love the energy of Italians and they way they move. I like that are pretty straight forward, meaning: if I don't like you I'll let you know, while Americans are (from my experience) too nice and sometimes it comes out as fake. I like the fact that when I'm there I'm surrounded by History and Old Souls! Italy makes me feel good about being who I am, and it gives me an heaviness that I like to have in me.

The best thing about living in America is the variety. You can find everything you can possibly think about! Everything is vast and new! I love the sense of unlimited possibilities! America makes me want to be better and expand my horizons. Makes me feel like everything is possible and lifts my spirit! Also FREE WIFI EVERYWHERE! That's the best thing! Restaurants are open all day (if you want to eat at 3 pm in Italy you probably won't find any restaurant open) as well as shops! If I'm low on milk I can go to CVS even in the middle of the night! That's handy!

So, in a few words: Together, this Countries make me whole! That's the thing I love the most!!!
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Ery-chanerychan86 on October 4th, 2016 07:36 pm (UTC)
Here in the States you can have lunch at 11:30.... In Italy every restaurant opens at 12 so you can;t have an early lunch... Same for dinner... You can't dine before 7! I guess there are the hours when your body need to eat, but still... So annoying xD And I', saying this as someone who worked as a manager in a restaurant.. I hate to have to send people away because the kitchen was closing for the afternoon!

Yes! Americans are polite! A lot of people say you're not but YOU ARE!

You need to try food in Italy! Italian food outside of Italy is not as good as the original thing! When I cook Italian at home my husband is so happy... He always asks me questions when he sees me moving in the kitchen... I love cooking! :D