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03 June 2008 @ 06:10 pm
Silence In The Library - Review  
My first review in english... I'm a little bit scared lol! But this episode it was so amazing so I had to try!

First I have to tell one thing: I HATE RIVER SONG! I really do! She is too stuck at the Doctor... she go close to the Doctor and caresses his cheek... HOW YOU DARE. Btw I don't think that she is a future companion... or a future wife. The first will be too obvious and the second will be...too bad!

Speaking about the fantastic episode I'm really worry about Donna, all the people (that can see or came from the future) look at her like she is a dead woman walking but I think that she's gonna be all right at the end! Maybe the Doctor will save her changing his personal future and so... goodbye River! XD.

Right now the important is that she's not a skeleton ;) and we have her in the trailer of the mid season so maybe the Doctor can save all the people that is became a "statue"!!! (I MUST stop to think about that trailer otherwise... oh no, it's too late... it's coming out... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE... ROSEEEEEEEEEEEEE) lol!

I loved the scene of miss Evangelista's death... it was so sad and so sweet at the same time! And poor Donna!!! I didn't like no one of the River's group, the only one was miss Evangelista and she's dead :'( !

Talking about the trailer, Donna's grampa says "the stars are going out" and a member of River's group says "the lights are going out" can be possible that  at the end the enemy will be the Vashta Nerada? The Doctor says that most planets have them, Earth, and a billion other worlds. So they can be either in the Rose's world because even them have "the dust in sunbeams"!!!
At the beginning I thought that the sentence in the trailer: "Not everyone comes back out of the dark." was the connection with torchwood but maybe I'm wrong... We'll see!

About the tardisbook (it is bigger on the inside? how many pages can have it? lol) I hope that inside we'll se something about Rose... in the BBC's homepage we sow her in the book! I'm so curious...

At the end I have to tell something: how cute was David in the blue light? He was so hot in this episode!!!

Please, Doctor, keep being nauseous about River!!! ;) thanks!!!

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