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ask me anything meme - day 09 (oct 9th)

What are your top 5 books that you enjoy? panda

Thank you for asking me my top 5 and not my top 3 or my favorite... It's so difficult when it comes to books! Even choosing just 5 was a difficult task! LOL

I'll do a top 5 books at the end of the year with my favorite books among what I read this year! And I hope to be able to do it every year! This list hasn't changes in a long time... Position number 5 changes occasionally, but number 1 and 2 are pretty strong!

This list is quite weird because all the books are extremely different as for topic, form and language.

My all time top 5 is:
1. Hamlet by William Shakespeare I've loved this book since the first time I read it and I saw every movie it came out about it! I think it's Shakespeare greatest work and the best play of all times!
2. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet I read this book many times! I love the story and I love way the characters are written. They are so human!
3. La Lenteur (Slowness) by Milan Kundera Again another book I go back to often! The best among the other books by Kundera
4. Novecento by Alessandro Baricco Amazing monologue! I wanted Eric to read it but I can't find an english copy, but the movie The Legend of 1900 with Tim Roth is based on this book. If you can;t read the book, watch the movie.It's a masterpiece!
5. The History of Love by Nicole Krauss so moving and so well written! I love this author!
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