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ask me anything meme - day 10 (oct 10th)

When you dream, do you dream in Italian or English? verdande_mi

I'm not entirely sure... I think it depends which language I spoke during the majority of the day. So when Eric is around it should be english and when I'm with my friends in Italy it should be italian...

My dreams are very weird and vivid so, when I tell Eric about them over breakfast, if I've spent the majority of the day before speaking english, I find very easy to explain to him what happened in my head... When we're in Italy it gets a little bit more difficult to repeat certain dialogues, so I guess it's definitely connected to where I am and which language I've spoken most during the day!

I write a lot in Italian because I comunicate daily with my friends in Italy (and Europe but still Italians) and family, but I rarely talk over the phone (I really don't like phone calls) so, when I talk with my mom over facetime/facebook messenger and I havent talked to her for a while, I have a weird accent and I miss words! Same with my english when Eric is away and I'm in Italy and I speak to him only theough messages!
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