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ask me anything meme - day 20

I love today question because I love the subject of it!
I absolutely adore coffee and I am an addict. If I don't get caffeine into my body I have to deal with headaches, but I don't care, honestly! It's not like any other addiction that hurst you and who's around you, so I'm not going to stop drinking it! Ever! (But if I have to I just have to deal with a day of headaches and that's it!)

You love coffee, but how do you like it? Black or with some fixings? orangerful

When I talk about coffee I talk about Espresso. That's the way I drink my coffee, a shot of espresso, no milk, no sugar, no extra flavor! The only other way I drink it is as a Cappuccino as in 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk, 1/3 milk froth... So, when I am at Starbucks I either order a double (their Solo is too weak) or a tall Flat White (the closest thing they have to a Cappuccino because their Cappuccino is infact a Latte Macchiato).

I started drinking coffee when I was quite young, but I guess it's common in Italy and I've always had the same as my parents had, so that's why I like to take my Espresso that way. :) I can add some milk to my coffee, but never sugar... It tastes awful to me!

How do you guys like your coffee?
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