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20 October 2016 @ 07:06 pm
Fandom: Catching up with the DC Universe  
I'm finally catching up with my shows and I decided to concentrate on the DC universe first this time... I usually tend to go to the MARVEL Universe first, but I still have to start Luke Cage and I'm not very excited about it, so I have deserted SHIELD too... I'll catch up soon, I promise... (I might skip Luke Cage for now...)

I've watched every episode of the DC shows in its cronological order, and I'm glad I did because there are a lot of connections between them, and this gets me very excited! I think we're going to have a great season!

Flash: (3x01 - 3x03) [Connection: Barry goes to Felicity to talk about what he did at the end of season 2 / The Arrowverse was subjected to minor changes as in John has now a baby boy and not a girl] I like the fact Barry messed up the timeline, and I love that he changed things in the Arrowverse too! That's going to be interesting because I'm sure there are a lot of things that has changed... things that we don't know about... yet... I wonder if something major has change, like maybe something in the relationship between Oliver and Felicity... I don't know... John and Oliver talked about Felicity over the phone, but who knows what happened... I honestly don't care about Barry and Iris so I hope there's not going to be too much drama around them! Oh and HELLO DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY aka Tom Felton aka I hate that guy... I am already loving his character and I hope he's not the villain. Let him not being the villain PLEASE! And WELCOME BACK WELLS! I'm so glad he's finally back and aww at his interaction with Catilin... He knows something is wrong with her and I can't wait to see what will happen! The only thing I don't like (a part from the Betty/Iris thing) is that too many people on the team now have powers...

Arrow: (5x01 - 5x03) [John tells Lyla to say hi to baby John from him] A new team and more people knowing Oliver's secret... I'm not a big fan of that! As I'm not a big fan of Felicity dating again another guy... in secret... I can't wait for Diggle to come back to the team! Best parts: Felicity's joke
Oliver: They’re too green!
Felicity: Some could say the same about you. I’ve been waiting five years to make that joke!”

Awww the chemistry! and then in episode 3
Evelyn: What kind of a vigilante wears a hockey mask?
Oliver: I think it's cool.

LOL I haven't seen the Ninja Turtles movie yet, but LOL at the Casey Jones reference!

Supergirl: (2x01- 2x02) [No connection so far] Hello Superman goodbye Cat... I'm going to miss Cat a lot and the DC Cinematic Universe gave me Henry Cavill as Superman, so now everyone else is WRONG for the part LOL. I'm so glad Kara and Jimmy are not together... I love the Denver Sisters and my heart broke a little when Kara wanted to go to Metropolis with her cousin... I hope we'll be able to meet Lois Lane.

Legends of Tomorrow: (2x01) [Dr Heywood asks Oliver to help him find the Legends / Damien Darhk and Eobard Thawne are working together] it probably had the best season premiere. I didn't look for any spoilers about the show so: is Hunter gone for good? Is Captain Cold gone for good too? We need more girls on the team!

Lucifer is another DC character but is not connected to this universe... but DAMN THAT SHOW IS GOOD! I'm always caught up with it LOL!
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Moongirl: Arrow In Hood Shadowmoongirl24 on October 21st, 2016 08:02 am (UTC)
I can't even tell you how excited I am about the upcoming crossover between the four shows! I think it's going to be amazing and I already love it whenever a character appears on one of the other shows :D
Ery-chanerychan86 on October 23rd, 2016 03:32 pm (UTC)
I agree! I get very excited about crossovers and this is going to be MASSIVE! I cannot wait... I also hope the two new evil guys for the Flash and Arrow are somehow connected!