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21 October 2016 @ 01:00 pm
ask me anything meme - day 21  
Guess what? We're leaving again. We're going to spend the weekend at my grandparents up in the mountains... I'm not very excited about it because up there is going to be cold and I just want to stay home and relax and not having to spend time at someone elses' house... But we promised and we knew it was coming... We had to go in the summer but Eric's work schedule messed up everything... The worst thing is I won't have access to the internet... The phone doesn't work well up there and they have no WiFi... So I already answer the questions for my October Meme and post dated them! Sorry!

What's a guilty pleasure? eowyn

I don"t know how to answer this because I don't actually feel guilty about anything I do/like LOL but it's quite hard for me to answer with with just one thing so I'll go by categories:

Food: Brie Cheese... If I could eat it all day I would!
Tv Show: Everything Teen Drama... Seriously, I should stop with the genre but I can't
Music: Back Street Boys... I still go into a TeenAger mode when I hear some news about them

I can't think about any other guilty pleasure category... What did I forget?
Current Location: About to leave... AGAIN!
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: Ed Sheeran - Photograph

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Ery-chanerychan86 on October 23rd, 2016 04:28 pm (UTC)
If someone thinks you're weird for liking what you do, for enjoying what makes you happy, who cares?
I agree... And there are definitely people who like what you like around... :D

I wish I was able to see them live... Yes it's great they're still around... I agree! It makes me feel like I'm a teen again LOL!

Guilty pleasure in books... I don't know... I like fiction, sci-fi, historical novels... I don't like Non-Fiction and Biographies and I feel bad about it because I should be more invested in that stuff... I'm not that big in YA because I think I've never found something interesting there... BUT now that I think about it... I read the True Blood Books by Charlaine Harris... That's probably something I would not mention if I had to go to an interview for a book store... I wish I could read erotica sometimes but I get so embarrassedLOL!