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flist friday

When you guys will read this I'll be on my way up to the mountains... I thought about skipping the FList Friday post but I enjoy asking you these questions and getting to know you better! So, last night before bed (now) I was thinking about what to ask you and then it hit me:

What do you prefer: the beach or the mountains? Why?
What do you like to do when you are there?

Years ago my answer would have been simple, I would have answer Beach without even thinking about it! Beach means summer and summer means no school and the beach, for a kid, it's always so much fun... The mountains can be fun too but, as a kid, I wasn't very interested into going hiking and I never liked the temperature.

Today I still rather be warm than cold... But I love both of them and it's difficult to make a decision... I think I would choose the mountains today, because I love hiking and taking pictures of wonderful views, and it's calm, while the beach tends to be crowded most of the time and loud...

What about you?
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