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flist friday: love and relationships

I'm not exactly having the greatest day today.

It actually started right.... I woke up very happy, had breakfast with Eric and brought him to work. On our way there we talked and I started realizing: tomorrow morning will be the last morning I drive him to work for a long time! I came back home, and I worked on some projects, when he wrote me a text... Apparently the boat is suppose to leave tomorrow... But as in: 1 minute after midnight, so basically He'll be gone in less than 11 hours and I feel robbed! I was ready to be parted from him tomorrow morning... Not tonight! So I'll go pick him up and we're having dinner at home, and then I'll drive him back to the boat and we'll say our goodbyes. The next 2 months are going to be very long!

So the question of the day for me can only be one:

Would you relocate for Love?
Have you ever been in a lond distance relationship, or would you consider it?
Do you think absence makes the heart grow fonder or forgetful?

I did relocate for love... I changed my whole life and Eric and I were dating for not even 3 months when I quit my job and joined the yacht. We met in June and on October I was on the boat, leaving for the States. I didn't even thought about it. There was no "what if we break up?" or "what if I regret it?'... There was no such thing and I never do this kind of things... I usually think about things and take my time, but with Eric I didn't... I decided I wanted to try it and I will never regret it. That was the best decision I've ever made!

I've never had a long distance relationship. I've always dated people there were living not to far away. I had long relationship that I ended because I didn't want to get married... Eric changed that too... And yes, I said no to him for quite a while before saying yes (but just because of my pride). I don't think I would have ever considered a long distance relationship when I started dating Eric. I would have moved anyway. Maybe find a job on another boat just to be in the same area he was. I would have never ask him to relocate for me (even if he would do it, but he doesn't speak a word of Italian).

I think when a relationship is strong it can survive the distance, but I don't believe it makes the heart grow fonder or forgetful. I think it makes you appreciate the other person and the time you have together on a different level! I know I'm going to miss him, but I know we haven't waste any minute of the past month and we won't waste a minute of the time when we'll be back together...

How about you? What's your opinion on the matter?
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