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06 January 2017 @ 03:50 pm
flist friday: booooooooks  
Hello Flist! Happy Friday!

The week is almost over, and I hope you all are going to have a splendid weekend off!

Before I start with the question of the week, I wanted to share a piece of news. Here, at the International Airport of Fort Lauderdale, today there was a shooting and people died! I am glad no one I knew was at the airport today, but the thing scared me more than expected! I live 10 minutes away from the airport, and I can still hear outside a lot of police cars, and ambulances and sirens in general outside! It is scary! And, even if I didn't know anybody there I feel a sense of connection with these people! And I'm taking it almost personally! They caught the guy but I need to know why he did it, and how was it possible that he made it to Gate 2 with a gun! I know none of you on my FList were traveling down in Florida or out of it, so I am pretty sure you're all right! <3

But let's move to a brighter topic. Here's your question(s) I have for you today:

What are you reading at the moment?
What is your favorite genre?
Do you have set your goodreads goal for the year? What is it going to be?
BONUS: Mention 5 books you REALLY enjoyed in 2016

I am now reading Somerset by Leila Meacham. This is a prequel of the book (I think) made her famous: Roses. It's a very long book and I am very proud of myself for picking it up! It's over 600 pages and I am already 200 pages into it. It's a very easy read... If you are a fan of movies like Gone With The Wind, this might be the book for you!

My favorite genre is probably Historical Fiction, followed by SciFi and Romance (but not the kind of romance books with a Fabio on the Cover... I need more in a book that just romance).

I have set a goodreads goal and I set it again to 30. Last year I ended up reading 40 books! This year I want to read more than that, but I want to start with 30 and see how I go before changing it!

The 3 books I've enjoyed the most this past 2016 were:
- The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman
- The Edge of the Earth by Christina Schwarz
- The Violinist of Venice: A Story of Vivaldi by Alyssa Palombo
- Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
- Man Walks Into a Room by Nicole Krauss

I can't wait to read your answers! Stay safe this weekend! Love you guys <3!
Current Location: Fort Lauderdale
Current Mood: scaredscared
Current Music: Aphex Twin - It Happened

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verdande_mi: pic#122309054verdande_mi on January 7th, 2017 12:51 pm (UTC)
I'm choosing to focus on the books. Terrible news make me :(

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m reading a few different books at the moment, the one I have the most focus on (because I am reading it for my upcoming exam) is a book about multiculturalism in schools and not knowing the language of the country you’re in. It’s very interesting and more so, well written and easily accessible for an academic book. I’m not that far into it yet, but I already know it will be wonderful read. I’m learning a lot too and it makes me think of and see things I haven’t before.

What is your favorite genre?

Fantasy, historic fiction and contemporary. Some poetry too, oh and in general history, mythology and social science stuff.

Do you have set your goodreads goal for the year? What is it going to be?

Perhaps my goal can be to make an account. I am not exactly sure if I need one, I already keep track of what I read here…I plan on reading more than 36 books though, as that was the amount of books I manage to read in 2016.

BONUS: Mention 5 books you REALLY enjoyed in 2016:

All the books I read about the late Norwegian King Haakon VII – so much history, I loved the things I already knew and seeing that in a different light and I loved learning stuff I did not know.

On Fairy-stories and Unfinished tales – two Tolkien books I loved, about storytelling and fairy tales and the last one is full of stories set within his large mythology he never finished. I loved both.

Til Vestisen - like getting kicked in the stomach, but so worth reading. Never a word too much, intense and quite brutal without being explicit.
Ery-chanerychan86 on January 7th, 2017 02:27 pm (UTC)
Yes let's talk about the books! Mine was sort of un update to say it happened and I am fine! I don't want t think about it either to be honest :(

It sounds like a wonderful read!!!

We like the same kind of book (as I figured out by your book reviews) so I am very interested in your opinions!

You should make a goodreads account... It is very fun and organized! You should give it a try!