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binge watching: miss fisher's murder mysteries

Note: I'm writing this in a state oh hysteria because this is so damn good I can't handle it!

I am completely in love with this show.

I am so in love I've made (and added to my userpics) two icons and I added a rotating header of Miss Phryne Fisher and Detective/Inspector John "Jack" Robinson, I ship it so hard that I could break!

If you haven't watch this show yet STOP EVERYTHING and go on Netflix... You'll thank me!


First I want to share this, when my friends and I talk about someone who's hot... but very very HOT, we are use to say something like "my underwear just caught fire" or "my underwear flew out of my window" well... That's what happened with me 3 seconds after I saw Nathan Page's face in all its perfection... Binge watching this show has been a challenge for my underwear drawer... I need to go online and buy more... I mean:


And another pair of undies is gone...

So we were saying you should watch the series... This is why:

All the characters are amazing. Phryne Fisher is a very modern woman. She's smart, sassy, beautiful, stylish and she has a big heart! Effie Davis is perfect for the role! She did an amazing job with Miss Fisher. I'd say it's one of the few times that I love the main character as much as the other ones if not more. It doesn't happen often!

DI Jack Robinson is PHENOMENAL! He's a serious, smart man, with an open mind. He is kind and brave and Nathan Page did a great job with him. I absolutely love this male lead, not only because Nathan is as hot as lava and has the sexiest voice on the Planet. You know when in a show/movie there's a romantic scene and the actor does that face that makes it pretty clear what he/she is thinking? And the other character doesn't understand and makes that face that is the equivalent of a question mark? There's no such thing here! Nathan delivers emotions like a human, you can see it for a second in his eyes and then it's gone or it gets replaced with something else... He can keep up with Miss Fisher and he rarely doesn't know what to say or seems to be caught unprepared! (Except when he was drunk and that awesome series of scenes took place!) He seems to be in contact with his emotions and he wear his heart on his sleeve! I really love him!

Dorothy Dot Williams and Hugh Collins are the sweetest. Dot is the character that has the best character growth I've ever seen. She's this scared little girl at the beginning and becomes this strong woman without changing who she is! I loved Hugh's arc when he was struggling with his family and with the change in general. He had a great evolution too!

Mr Butler is probably the best character of the show, he's... unexpected! Aunt Prudence gives me the feels, if she cries I cry... Burt and Cec always deliver the comic relief, Dr Mac had some pretty amazing moments/lines and Jane was another huge surprise. I loved how Phryne took her in and how she started feeling toward her.

What a gorgeous series of outfits. I said Miss fisher has style but DAMN GIRL! I go crazy about hats so, seeing them all always wearing hats made me so happy. The hair was also interesting, Dot has long hair (and I assume Mac too), but she pins them that way and it looks like shoulder length... I often found myself staring at her hair trying to figure it out!

The case of the week is always good! I rarely get intrigued by the procedural part of a show, but the cases were actually good! Some of them were also charged with so many emotional situations that it was impossible not to pay extreme attention.

As I said Hugh and Dot are just adorable since the beginning. They have to go through a lot to be together but they're the demonstration that love always wins (on TV)! But I just can't get over how many feels Phryne and Jack relationship gave me... I shook the screen... More than once... I did! And I talked to it and covered my face with a pillow... I was THAT involved! I died when he went to say to her he had to let her go because he got so scared when he thought she was in the car accident, that he couldn't handle it and she begged to think about it because... Oh I can't... I just have to copy the dialogue... too many feels: (here the gifs)

J: When I thought it was you in that wreckage... I found it unbearable.
P: Sounds serious.
J: It is.
P: I am who I am, Jack. I can't give that up.
J: I'm not asking you to give it up. I would never ask you to do that.
P: So you're giving up me instead? What we do best, us, together. You'd sacrifice that? If you did that, Jack, I would feel.. I would feel like it was you lying in that wreckage.

Ouch! The feels!!! They hit me again!

And I went back watching certain moments over and over again, the distraction kiss, the "Who put me in pyjamas?" scene, the "If you really want a Roman soldier..." and the kisses and the almost kisses and his rant when he's drunk... Awwww! I ship it with the power of a thousand suns LOL

Are you watching it yet?

So... For as much as I understood, they're thinking about making 3 movies? Since Essie is in London and quite busy and Nathan is doing 39 steps with The South Australian Theatre Company (SATC) (I am considering... I always wanted to visit Australia and I often go to the theatre when I go visit a new place... xD) I have to say I am quite happy with the ending because it's not a big cliffhanger and I'm sort of scared of what the writer could do to now that we got there... There are few infos about the movies... Essie needs to be there because she's the show, but what if they do the movies just with her? Solving mysteries maybe in London with different partners in crime in every movie? As I said: Essie is the show, but the show is not the same without the rest of the gang... The fact the actress is in London now doesn't mean they can't shoot the majority of the pictures in England and some in Australia...

I don't know. For the people on my flist who watch it, do you have infos? Theories? Hit me in the comments!
And for who haven't seen it yet: what are you waiting for?
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