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I always want to do posts about TV (since I live out of that box), but I never do... I used to in the past, but then I stopped... Maybe it9;s time to start again??? I don't know if this is the case, but I wanted to share my thoughts about the last episode of Doctor Who...

Before I start I know you know I don't like Moffat for A LOT of different reasons and that I LOVE Peter... It's thanks to him I kept watching the show, and I am going to miss him when he's gone! I think his Doctor is excellent! Anyway... I am enjoying this season... I am still scared it's going to go down the toilet, but so far I am enjoying the show again, and this makes me happy!

I like Bill. I didn't like her at first from the promo they showed us months ago, back then I thought she could not handle the serious/sad/touching parts of the show (that are always my favorite thing), but the last episode started to prove me wrong (YAY). And I was not very convinced before The Pilot because of the big deal BBC made of her being gay... I am 100% on board with her being gay, don't get me wrong, what I'm not okay with is the BBC wanting to make a big announcement before the show started to get people talk about the show. I understand the fact the network is selling a product, but I feel a little bit sad that they think that to get us talking/get excited about something they have to use our sexuality or something that is still classified as "controversial". To me Bill is a person, she can sleep with whomever she likes, pray whatever, vote for who cares,... She is still a human being... When I go out and someone wants to introduce me someone they know they just say his/her name and then I get to know them, I don't receive a text a week before saying he/she's gay or straight... I simply get to know the person... So I was a little bit upset when she said right away, in a silly monologue at the beginning of the premiere, that she liked girls... I would have like it to come out in a more natural way,... But this is me!

Going back to the episode 10x02 here are my thoughts:
I enjoyed the episode, it was very simple, but a good way to help us to get to know Bill better. She's funny and she is a very positive character and I really like that! As long as she remains one of us and not the most important person ever in the history of the Universe (ahem Clara) Bill is my girl! The episode - as I said - was basic, but the scenery was awesome! I loved the colors... it reminded me of the episode Vincent and the Doctor, and how lovely was to see Vincent's face in the book of memories? That scene, where Bill looks at the book, smiling looking back at the past with pride and joy for all that we accomplished, and grows sad moving on to the present times and the future where we end up destroying everything, was very touching, especially because she wanted to go to see the future to see an happy place! The fact she wants to know what happened... how we got so far, was very real and really touched me!

One of the best lines/exchanges:
BILL: Why are you Scottish?
DOCTOR: I'm not Scottish, I'm just cross.
BILL: Is there a Scotland in space?
DOCTOR: They're all over the place, demanding independence from every planet that they land on.

What do you guys think about the new season and the new companion?
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