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14 August 2017 @ 03:47 pm
random update: life after the 17th of July  
Okay. I am writing this post right after the last one, but I will post it tomorrow because I don't want to make too many posts in one day, especially since the last one was quite dry. If you missed it: HERE is a full on summary of my 2017 so far.

My last official random update post was posted on the 17th of July and it was written in ah hotel room in Jacksonville, FL, right after I came back from the USCIS offices and they took my biometrics 3 days prior to my scheduled appointment (they are so nice, I didn't even have to use my pregnancy as an excuse).

Random gif because I love these 2...

This is what happened after that:

♨ (18th of July) I was hoping on a good journey back to Italy since the one to Jacksonville was a disaster (you know, fainting and stuff) but 5 hours prior to my first connection I receive an email from Airfance that says to me that my New York-Paris (second flight of 3) has been cancelled due to I'll never know what reason. So I ran to the airport and I go to the Delta chiosk and show them the email. They didn't know about the flight and the poor girl at the counter had to stay on the phone for 20 minutes in order to receive confirmation of the cancellation. I felt quite powerful knowing stuff before them LOL. The Delta girl changed my itinerary and my new connection was in for DAMN ATLANTA where I have to run not to lose my connection...AS BLOODY ALWAYS!!! Running in the airport is never fun but running while over 6 months pregnant is awful! I won't deny it I was mostly upset of this change because, when I checked in the day before, I managed to get some awesome seats... luckily the Atlanta/Paris one was not too bad, but just because the plane was half empty... But I could not sleep due to my seat, and that was a problem since I had to spend 7 hours in Paris to get to my connection and last flight to Genova. I was a mess when I finally got home on the 19th as you can imagine!

The first ob/gyn appointment on the 20th was very good! The Doctor is AMAZING and very thorough. We like him. Baby Christopher played shy as he did at his first appointment with the Doctor in the US, and he didn't want to show his face, but the Doctor checked everything and he said everything looks great, and there's no need to see me every 2 weeks but we can continue seeing each other once a month. He prescribed some blood/urine tests because in Italy they test your blood every month (while int he US just the urines) and because we found out my Doctor in the US didn't get me tested for some stuff she should have had, like Toxoplasmosis, CMV, Thyroid ... So he was able to see that my iron levels are VERY low (he prescribed some pills) and that my thyroid is in range, but a little bit high so here it comes another pill. Low Iron and an high Thyroid can get you in trouble in the delivery room as you can have an severe bleeding and an higher chance to suffer of postpartum depression. My dislike for the american health system makes me think the doctors want you to go through that, so they can make more money out of your insurance (I'm very bitter on the matter). So if you want to get pregnant and have an healthy pregnancy ask your Doctor to check your Thyroid and Iron levels often! (If your Thyroid is high you risk miscarriages or not to get pregnant) My next appointment is in a week and I cannot wait to see Baby Chris again! I'll make an update about him as soon as I am out of the Doctor office. I always get nervous before that... He kicks like crazy, so I know he's okay, but I want to see him, and I want the Doctor to say he is fine! -9 weeks and 5 days to the day I'll be able to actually see him and hold him... It's so exciting and terrifying at the same time!

Eric left yesterday for the one an only guest trip the boat is going to have this season and he'll be back home by the end of the month! He will leave me again in September to go visit his mother and take over his step dad with the daily care she needs! Things are getting problematic over there at the moment. She has 3 sons but they all have busy lives and she needs a lot of care, but she doesn't want a nurse. Her husband (76 years old) is a cancer surviver and has some pretty bad health issues (his hands shake like crazy and I think he has RA) and he has to help her with everything. She has Parkinson and also some very bad issues with her digestive system (she had to go through a lot of surgeries when younger, and the scar tissue creates a lot of problems to her bowel now). Plus she broke her hip 2 years ago and refused PT so now she goes around with a scooter... that was a big mistake, because she now sits all day in front of the TV and her muscles are wasting... So her husband has to carry her to the bathroom and help her with everything in there, cook her meals, put together and break down the scooters every time she wants to go out for dinner or shopping,... I hope Eric will convince her to get a nurse (they all have tried for years but she starts crying and they back off) because it's not fair on her husband and, in the end, you don't want your kids to see you as a chore... I remember when my grandmother was sick... it ruined our memories of her and it was so sad... I mean, it was not a problem to go and take care of her, but her Dementia changed her and the way we experienced her, and it was painful! I would hate for Eric to go through that...

♨ Now that Eric is away on a trip I have a busy schedule ahead of me. I have a lot of friends I have to spend some quality time with. With Eric is always difficult because he does not speak Italian and my friends (most of them) don't speak English, so I always end up translating, and trying to divide myself between them and him... So far I've only seen a couple of them and there are so many thing we have to catch up on. Flavio and her girlfriend broke up and the police had to intervene (her fault) Ilaria's parents are splitting up, Enrico is still looking for a job, Valentina A. Valentina B. and Daniela are pregnant (Daniela was the one who lost the baby a year ago due to malpractice when she was 7 months preggo... Very sad story),... So much to catch up with!

Stitchers, Suits and Game of Thrones are doing GREAT imho! I am loving this Summer Season!

♨ Eric and I are reading together the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Saga and we're in the middle of book 3! Stieg Larsson is amazing! Every Swedish author I encountered so far in my readings gave me chills... They know what they're doing!

So that's it for now. I have so many ideas for my next posts and I know I promised my POV on the 13th Doctor but I wrote so much about it in comments that I feel like I have nothing more to say... I will probably try to write a post about it after finish this one and put it in a queue so I can post it in a couple of days (I make no promises). I also want to write about GoT and what I hope will happen next... I think I need to make some TV posts every now and then... Also I was thinking about go back to do my Flist Firdays (where I ask you questions) and do a What I Have Learned sort of post once a month, where I can give some insight on USCIS stuff, Pregnancy Stuff and Differences between Italy and the US,... That would be fun I think... Some photo posts would be fun too... Also I need to go back posting my book reviews... So much to do!!! LOL!

I hope your weekend was great! <3
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Ery-chanerychan86 on August 17th, 2017 01:29 pm (UTC)
Yay indeed! It wasn't easy LOL! But after the flight over there I wasn't expecting anything different!

The Thyroid apparently is something very important. Apparently if it's too high it gets hard to get pregnant, and if it's high during the pregnancy you risk a miscarriage so I don't know why they don't check it in the US. Everything could be good but you can lose the kid any time because of it... I think it needs to be quite high for it to happen though. Mine is in range but the doctor wants it lower to prevent a lot of problems during childbirth... it can bring to severe bleeding and other problems...

If the thyroid is high during pregnancy (like way over range) the kid can have neurological issues too and they have no way to see what's wrong sometimes for years... That's why the Doctors here want you to check the thyroid hormones even before you get pregnant, because the kid develops his thyroid between week 9 and 10 and sometimes we're not sure we're pregnant during the first months...

Did the iron pill made you feel a little bit sick? Because my stomach doesn't like it very much... I have to take it on an empty stomach to make it work better but after an hour I start feeling a little bit sick!

I really hope Eric will be able to convince her too... He's a calm guy but she ofter "bullies" him and treat him like an errand boy, so I hope he'll man up and make her listen... It's hard to do so if you are a sweet guy and your mom acts like a child crying and yelling... He's not able to deal with that... He's too sweet!
Jess: misc: baby groot cutecrinkle on August 17th, 2017 03:02 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, I knew some of that. My good friend Nat has a thyroid condition and she had loads of trouble getting and staying pregnant and that was why. I didn't know about the neurological issues though! That's crazy! Why don't they check this beforehand? I mean maybe they do and I don't remember lol I had a bunch of blood tests at the fertility clinic too. They made sure I had been immunized for MMR and also STI's.

I think it did, but I'm not 100% sure. Are you taking vitamin c too? I used to take an iron pill called ferrera-c or something and it had it combined because vitamin c helps the absorption of iron or something.

Ery-chanerychan86 on August 17th, 2017 03:40 pm (UTC)
I think I did just two blood tests in the US during my pregnancy... Here they want you to do them as regularly as the urines so every time you are about to go see the doctor, but it's quite cheap to get it done even if you go private! A full blood work here it's not even 40$ and urine is like 3$... If you go public it's completely free!

I'm sorry to hear about your friend Nat... Thing is thyroid can change during pregnancy so it's a good thing always keep it in check...

Yep, vitamin C too, and my diet also contains a lot of vitamine C so I really hope the iron levels will raise soon! I will see the blood tests results tomorrow... I was hoping for them to take a little bit longer so I could have them on Monday since my ob/gyn appointment is on Tuesday and I really don't want to see something on them and get frustrated...