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episode review: (Game of Thrones) 7x06 Beyond the Wall

This episode was WOAH. I have so much to say and I am so excited!

The episode last week was good... VERY good, but this one was fantastic and I cannot wait for the finale now. I know I will suffer for a year, waiting for it to come back, but WOW what a season we had so far...

Tormund, you are my favorite

Okay let's start with the review:

- The lads are taking a walk behind the wall. Since there's a long way to go and no girls, the boys can do some small talk... Tormund is THE BEST at small talks. He makes friends very easily... he has a conversation with Gendry about the South (he's an expert) and with Jon about Dany (he knows his chicks)... If I had to choose a music for this bit it would be Summer Nights from Grease! Also he makes a GREAT point on the knee bending issue! Tormund, you are amazing, please don't die... EVER!

- Gendry makes peace with the Brotherhood thanks to the Hound, and I finally get the conversation I was waiting for: Jon has the sword that belonged to Jorah's father. Jon wants to give it back but Jorah knows it's in good hands with him. It's pretty clear Jorah has now a crush on Jon too. "It's yours, it will serve you well, and your children after you" okay first hint to children, please take note because I have a theory I will explain later!

- I didn't see that coming... Littlefinger actually tricked Arya? Well... Maybe not, maybe she knew he was planting that thing for her to find, but she is still mad at Sansa and I understand... She has a point... Sansa is getting scared. They need to sort this out, just TALK you guys!

- It's time for Tormund to make another friend and it's the Hound's turn, what do you want to talk about with the Hound if not LOVE? The Hound tells him he knows Brienne and Tormund wants to know more, maybe the Hound can give him some suggestions on how to conquer her heart... I just loved that, I want these two to survive and to get their spin off! I would listen to them talking for days!

- Dany and Tyrion are drinking in front of the fire. She's worried for Jon and Tyrion knows the two of them would be perfect for each other, but Dany says he's too small for her, and that would not be a smart marriage alliance (well he was voted king in the North, so...) but if we think about it, does she really have to marry to hold the throne? I don't think so... I think she can do it by herself and people will follow her anyway because she's awesome! So she can marry for love and that would be great because Dany deserves it! More talk about kids...

- A thing I was expecting less than the undead bear that attached the boy scouts, was Sansa confiding in Littlefinger. I really don't know what this guy wants and this annoys me! Please let us know the truth before you die (because he's definitely going to die, and soon... I'm not sure we will see him in season 8 if he keeps playing this game)

- After more bonding the guys have the luckiest moment of their lives: a little group of White Walkers is wondering around by themselves and they 1. Manage to capture one 2. Find out that if you kill who turned them, you can kill them all... So if they manage to kill the Night King they can get rid of all the undead in one second (we know hat because we know he was the first one, but how do they know?). That is AMAZING! Okay let's say that to Dany when we send her a raven.

- The luck can't last too long, and they end up on a rock in the middle of a lake but luckily they manage to convince Gendry to run back to the Wall (how does he know the way? I would get lost) to send a super quick raven to Dany to tell her what happened, lets hope he remembers to tell her to fire on the Night King.

- The group spend the night on the rock, surrounded by undead. Thoros dies and that can't be good in the long game since he's the one who can bring back to life Beric? (and maybe Jon too, just in case?)

- Sansa receives a message form Cersei to go to Kings Landing and decides to send Brienne instead... Okay, now either Littlefinger forged that message to get rid of Brianne after he told Sansa to ask her help on the Arya's problem, or Sansa sends her away because she knows Littlefinger has a plan... Anyway I hope Sansa will remember Brienne's word about Lord Baleish. I really hope Sansa and Arya are pretending knowing Littlefinger can spy on them...

- Dany receives the raven (already?) and goes north with her Dragons, and I have to say I knew what will eventually happen, would have happened. I didn't know how, but I knew that was a possibility. Tyrion is very worried about her and he doesn't want her to go, but Jon is in danger and she has to go! I LOVED this moment! She goes for Jon, try to tell me that's not the reason! TRY!

- The Hound gets bored and starts throwing rocks and he makes a mess. They're all about to die (I was so scared for Tormund), and, when Jon is like "Okay we're dead, let's raise the sword one last time" DROGON ARRIVES and sets everyone on fire, and I am screaming and shaking the computer screen and I get up, and I have to open the window to yell more and all the birds look at me like I'm insane!

- The Dragons are amazing, the music is so epic, Drogon lands on the little rock and Dany wants Jon to get up... COME FLY WITH ME JON, I can show you the World! He's about to take her hand but he decides to kill a few more undead. The way they look at each other is AMAZING. Everyone gets on board, and the Night King is like "I was so waiting for this" and takes a spear. Viserion dies and this is one of the saddest moments ever. Everyone is so sad. Tormund is shocked. The dragons are crying for their brother and Jon gets super mad! The Night King is ready for another blow and Jon orders Dany to leave. I was in pain! Jon fall in the icy water and Dany decides to leave, even if she's not super convinced!

- Jon survives thanks to uncle Banjen! Such a great scene. He puts him on his horse and sends him home.

- I loved the scene with Dany and Jorah waiting for Jon (and the dragons too). Jorah want her to be happy and he knows she has feelings for Jon, he has feelings for him too! The Hound puts the undead on a boat and takes it south (to Cersei?). Now I need to know HOW? Benjen said they can't cross the wall because of a spell. He said it last season, how is it possible the undead went through the wall without - I don't know - fall into pieces?

- Jon appears on horseback and they put him on a boat. Where are they going to go? Winterfell? Kings Landing? Dragonstone? I hope he'll go to Winterfell, so he can be reunited with Arya and Brann... but it's more likely they're going back to Dragonstone to get the dragon glass and to figure sh!t out with Tyrion...

- Sansa and Arya have another confrontation and Gosh, Arya is scary! Can you guys please talk it through? You are making me nervous!

- And then we have the best scene of the episode. I don't know how to describe it if not saying it was perfect. Dany notices the scars on Jon's body and it's obvious he got stabbed in the heart, so it was not a figure of speech. When he wakes up he says he's sorry and Dany explains the dragons are the only kids she will ever have. Okay, I might be wrong but I think Jon and Dany will have sex before he finds out who he is (so maybe on that boat if they're going to Winterfell) and she will get pregnant. We can have the OMG we are related angst later... I have the feeling they will have a kid. There was too much talk about children in this episode. Jon calls her Dany and the dialogue they have reminds me of Elizabeth and Darcy on the alternative ending of Pride and Prejudice 2005 when he asks her how to call her. Jon decides to call her My Queen and I scream in every single pillow I have in the house. Dany cannot believe he's finally bending the knee, and she hopes she will deserve it. They're touching hands and it's as clear as the day they need to stop whatever they're doing because we can't deal with too much awesomeness at this point. She leaves and we all know that something will happen between them! Please let it happen on that boat!

- One minute to go and the thing that all of us feared (and hoped because we don't like when and animal dies) the Night King brings back the dragon. Now they are so fu*ked! I'm going to see the Wall fall! It's going to be epic... This season finale will kill us all!

Guys we're totally going to get this:

What do you think about the episode? Are you still shocked? What do you think it's going to happen on that boat?
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