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episode review: (Suits) 7x07 Full Disclosure

We're getting closer to the Suits mid-season finale and also, the next episode will be Episode 100!  Wow!

I think this episode was a good build up for what's coming and, even if I don't appreciate some of the choices the show made so far, I understand why they're going this direction, concentrating only on Mike and Harvey and leaving everyone else in the background. I'm sure we will see Donna, Rachel and Louis shine soon! :)

I didn't remember half of the "previously on..." when did it happen?

- Jessica: it was so good to see her in this episode! I miss her so much, the show needs her!

- Louis: I like the backstory on how Louis started to go to therapy and I am glad we saw the therapist again, I hope it will not the be the last time!

- Mark: YAY, love this sort of introduction for a character... I hope we're going to see him in the next episode and it's not going to be in a flashback!

In the present...

- Mike keeps making the same mistake: keeping secrets. He needs to trust Harvey, not go against him. This is going to create so many problems! I am glad he told Rachel to come clean if Harvey asked her some questions, but he should not put her in that position in the first place. Again, this case IS important, but this is not the right way to proceed!

- Alex came clean with Harvey and now we know too WHY he needs this case to disappear... I'm sure they will find a solution to get him out of this situation, I am glad he went to tell Mike even if Harvey didn't want him to (why?) and that Harvey told Donna!

- Harvey and Donna are sort of growing apart this season and I don't like this too much, I understand the show runner doesn't want them to get together until the end, and I can appreciate this choice (since every time 2 characters get together then the show needs to find a way to drive them apart and destroy the relationship) and I love a slow burn, but this si way too slow, and, in order to achieve this, they're making Donna the character that pops out ONLY to school someone. She always had that role but she was so much more. I need our Donna back! I hope Mark will help us getting her back and give her a better storyline. Although I really appreciated all the flashback parts! Flash Back Episodes are always VERY good for the Darvey!

- Same goes for Rachel that is either cooking or sitting in her office at night doing who knows what!

Also: The Promo for the Next Episode gives me hope! 
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