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episode review: (Game of Thrones) 7x07 The Dragon and the Wolf!

My day started at 4 am when I woke up looking for the episode knowing it was still airing in that moment in the US.

My Mac did a stupid secret update where it installed something that slowed down everything to the point of driving me insane. But I managed to get my hands on the episode and - after I watch it -  I fixed the problem! Now I have a fast computer and I can re-watch scenes of this wonderful episode over and over again!

best character of the episode

- Everything starts in Kings Landing and Grey Warm is not impressed! Bronn makes some bad dick jockes... he misses Dickon!

- Looks like we didn't have the boat sex we all (me) wished for. They went pick up Tyrion and the others... The Hound goes play with the box like the stone throwing game didn't teach him a lesson. Thankfully the Walker manages to stay inside!

- Cersei gives the Mountain a list of people to kill in a certain order and Jaime seems sort of shocked... I love how his sister/lover can still surprise him after all this time!

- I love when characters come together and it was so good to see them all reunite. Tyrion and Podrick, Brienne and the Hound, Bronn and Tyrion... Everyone is happy to see one another and they all share so much history... Somehow they ended up on different sides but wow! I loved this so much!

- They all go to the Dragon Ball Arena and there are 3 tents, no one told Cersei Jon bended the knee last week... or she didn't have time to change the arrangements... I guess is now clear was indeed Cersei the one who sent the invite to Sansa... I thought it was one of Littlefinger' schemes, I was wrong! The way Cersei looks at Tyrion... If a look could kill... Jon's tent it's pretty empty... "Pochi ma buoni" we say in Italy (a few but good ones). Dany is missing, or is she? No she just want to make an entrance, but I think she made a mistake bringing both dragons, it's pretty clear something happened to the third one and I guess Cersei will figure it out!

- More reunions now, this time of people who don't like one another: Theon and Euron, the Hound and the Mountain... I cannot wait for them to fight!!!

- Seems like they actually needed to see it to believe... I love Jon's science experiment where he shows how to kill a Walker... For the first time in years we see an expression on Cersei's face that's not rage or boredom... that's fear... Euron gives voice to what everyone is thinking and walks away since the Walkers are not Swimmers. Qyburn is the only one who is actually intrigued and wonders how to re-create that...

- Cersei says she will give them a truce if only Jon, when the moment comes, will not take sides... But Jon is a man of his word and he says he already bended the knee to Dany and he will serve her. Everyone is shocked and mad. Cersei storms out like the Evil Queen after the hunter choose Snow White, Davos is wondering why Jon didn't share this news with him during the boat trip and Tyrion is annoyed because he remembers Ned way too well! Dany is between mad and grateful but she choose to show the mad side talking about her dragon. Brienne follows Jaime and try to convince him to help them but he's too shell shocked! Luckily we have Tyrion who likes to talk.

- Jaime and Tyrion met in the corridor and I so want them to hug one another but no! They don't do stuff like that... Great confrontation between Cersei and Tyrion and he now knows she's pregnant...

- Dany and Jon talk about dragons, he is pretty broken by what happened behind the wall... He cares for the creatures. Dany talks to him but I cannot hear a thing because my brain yells KISS DAMN IT KISS! They talk about kids again... Guys... He will get her pregnant... I am SO DAMN SURE OF THIS!

- Cersei comes back and says she will be joining them and I don't believe her for a second because it makes more sense to make them go to war so there will be a smaller number of soldiers to kill later.

- Sansa talks to Littlefinger... AGAIN... I cannot stand this! Sansa you cannot be so stupid!

- Dany decides to go up north with Jon by boat and was it me or she smiled a little in the end?

- I really enjoyed the conversation between Jon (who was in a rush, he had to use the toilet) and Theon and also the fact Theon finally got his balls back. Go save your sister Theon! Go and kill your uncle since you're there!

- Back to Winterfell we have the highest moment of the season! The Starks were all playing Littlefinger! Oh I loved the way he went down his knees and cried like a baby and Arya was like "enough" BEAUTIFUL scene! I am so happy! And, thanks to Bran, they knew he betrayed Ned! Wow!

- Another great scene where Jaime takes back his balls and says "enough" to Cersei's non-sense. He gave his word and he will join the other in the fight! That was great! I yelled FINALLY for the second time in 5 minutes! I feared for his death though when he was alone and he stopped to put on his glove. I thought, since he finally got rid of Cersei, he finally completed his character growth... Winter is now in Kings Landin too. Things are getting interesting! I wish Bronn was with him, but maybe he'll join him soon... I hope!

- Another reunion: Sam and Bran. They had two pieces of the puzzle and now they have the whole picture. We get to see Raeghar and Lyanna's wedding and they were so cute... And - during the voice over - Jon knocks on Dany's door (Bran "He Loved her") and Dany lets him in (Bran: "and she Loved him"). Jon closes the door and outside we see Tyrion with a weird expression... Is Tyrion in love with Dany (or Jon)? I don't like this. Dany and Jon make love and OMG THE TENSION, they look so awesome. This must be the only (or one of the very few) love making scenes of the show! This is not sex... Look at the way they look at each other! #EryIsDead. So now Bran and Sam know... and they'll tell Jon who definitely put a baby into Dany!

- Arya and Sansa make a great team, I'm glad it went this way. Bran is in the garden and he's checking the Wall. Tormond sees something... or someone... The Army of the Dead is here and the Night King is riding Viserion who can breath blue fire! The wall falls and this is awesome... But only if Tormund is still alive!

- The dead are marching south. Screams into the pillow. The end.

WOW! What an episode! I need to watch it again! Maybe tomorrow! Now it's time to go to bed because it's very VERY late for me!

Please comment down below. I want to know how you feel about this season finale! Did you like it? Did it surprised you?
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