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episode review: (Suits) 7x08/09/10 - 100/Shame/Donna

Three reviews in a row? Why? you might ask... Well, I'll tell you why:

I have watched the show weekly, but the 100th episode sort of disappointed me, and when I saw the previous for the one after that I decided to hold on, and review the last 3 episodes together.

So. Let's dive into this mid season (long) finale review!

7x08 100

I was expecting a lot form this episode being the 100th episode of the show, but it left me sort of "Meh" also because all this Mark thing was yelling Davey so much that I could not concentrate on anything else... And instead it was all a hell of a disappointment!

I liked seeing Donna flirting with this gorgeous guy but I think it should have gone in another direction. The fact Mark (Jay Harrington) was married but ready for an affair because: DONNA! was sort of lame... But I appreciate the fact Donna and Louis had to go through the same journey, but their journey ended in different ways because Donna had a friend (Rachel) worrying for her, while Louis is all alone... Also I appreciate the fact Donna didn't step into that hotel room because I know it would have create a weird situation eventually with Harvey who has huge problems with the act of cheating (and I agree with him... He would be as disgusted as I am watching The Affair... but Joshua Jackson... <3).

The scene where Paula goes to Harvey's office to leave him a gift (for their 2 monthversary... try to get to 6 before celebrating you insecure woman!) and Donna pretends she's totally fine with it, was hilarious to me... Donna's fake smile was too much to handle... In the end, Paula, gives Harvey her gift at the restaurant and he gives you the keys of his apartment... the Keys Donna gave him at the end of the episode last week... I might be an hard core shipper but I think there's something to that... And LOL, he gave them to her because he was put in a corner and he didn't realized they were celebrating two months together! Also how does Harvey function without a secretary? Did they hire someone to replace Donna? Did he stop needing help? Maybe it's because he's not working that much?

Talking about work, I am glad Harvey and Mike are back together but I don't care about this prison case unfortunately. I am glad it's over and the only good thing that came out of it seems to be Rachel's sass! But the sass award goes to Sheila! I am always happy to see her! <3

It wasn't a bad episode... but it could have been better being the 100th!


7x09 Shame

The Opening scene was glorious! Everybody in the office yelling "Shame" to Louis like in Game Of Thrones... When I saw the bell I started laughing so hard! Great opening! Since we're talking about Louis I have to say I really like his interactions with Brian and I hope we'll see more of them in the next episodes.

Overall this episode to me was better than the previous one, maybe because it's the beginning of a new storyline with a very evil guy who knows Harvey and Donna so well... This thing has the potential of giving us a lot of flash back episodes and I am a sucker for these! But what do I like better than a flash back? A mock trial! I knew it was coming, it has been so long since the last one!

Everything in this episode puts the base for a great second part of Season 7: Mike and Harvey are back together, Donna and Rachel are back together (or at least they have more scenes) and Louis is finally over Tara and he is now doing something law related, so I am hopeful his storyline will interlace with the main one and he's not going to be only a comic relief!

The Zane and Zane storyline has potential! I am curious to see how it will develop and I am glad to finally see Rachel showing her dad what a great lawyer she is/can be.


7x10 Donna

I'm going to take a nap... Wake me up this winter when the show is on again! Thanks!

With the mock Trial hanging on us and the fact this is the mid season finale, I was expecting something Darvey related, but I would have never expected that kiss! Damn! She needed to know... What do you know now, Donna? WHAT??? I can't wait to see what will be the outcome of this! Will she take a step back out of fear to get hurt? (Nah... not after all this) Will she fight Paula for Harvey's affection? How will Harvey react after he realizes what happened? Donna made a cheater of him in a way... If he kissed her back (he didn't take a step back and the kiss lasted too long) he might feel that way... Or maybe he realized something too... Who knows! The writers know... I want to know!

But let's try to start from the beginning: Paula says to Harvey she doesn't feel threatened by Donna, even if she's the one who notices the "tie thing" and analyze that... Yes Paula, keep living in denial LOL!

I love how are they all smart enough to predict what the other person is going to say, but they never think about the obvious... So Donna now doesn't have to prepare for the mock trial, but I was sure this would have bite them in the buttocks and we would have had Donna stepping on the stand and being accused to love Harvey. I love this new bad guy! Did I said it already?

I was happy to see Jessica again and I was not expecting that storyline to have such a short life. But it is time for them to take her name off the wall... It is sad, but it's time!

One of the things I like is where there are shippers of a pair within the show. Rachel goes to Mike to tell her about Donna's feeling for Harvey (and Mike is well aware of it since season 1) and then he goes to confront her about it, trying to help her understand, but it's Louis, with one of the best monologue of the show so far, that makes a breach and leaves Donna exposed. It's poetic, considering how much Donna helped Louis since the beginning of the show!

I wonder how long the writers will make us wait for more Darvey. I wish they could surprise us by picking up where we were left off, with Harvey following Donna to the elevator and confront her. That would be a nice surprise.

And now we just have to wait, thankfully not too long!

Did you liked the finale? What do you think it's going to happen when the show comes back! I need theories! Let me know in the comments! <3
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