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tv post: september tv calendar

I decided to try to do a new thing. Well... It's not a new thing actually because, this livejournal was all about TV shows when I started (a lot of icons, picspam, music videos,...) but then I stopped somehow, and I started using this more as a way to share myself with you guys... Thing is, as you know, I am a TV addict, and this is a part of me, so I decided to try to make a at least monthly post where I talk about what I am watching and what I think about it!
I watch a lot of shows... but I am really into just a few, so, for them I might do individual reviews, while for others weekly group reviews or talk about them at the end of the month and condensate 4/5 episodes in one post. We'll see... So let's start, shall we?

Is it me or this TV season started pretty late? I have a lot of shows starting in October and for now my Calendar is full of comedies! That is a very good way to start, because it sorts of ease you into it.

This is what I am watching this September:


You're the Worst (Season 4)
The season started strong! After an amazing finale last year (with Jimmy proposing to Gretchen and then running away after she said yes) I was expecting a lot, and - 5 episodes into it - it's giving even more. I am really curious to see what Gretchen is going to do next... This season has been unpredictable up to this moment! I also love the acting... There was the scene in episode 2 when Gretchen comes back home and confronts Jimmy repeating to him the content of his text message (Hey DOT DOT DOT) that gave me chills. It was very intense and Jimmy's expression was full of emotions. Very promising!

The Good Place (Season 2)
Last year finale was GOOD! I sort of sensed we were going in that direction but man, Ted Danson (Michael) going from a kind smile to an evil laugh shocked me. It was insane the way his eyes changed. They casted him PERFECTLY! After the premiere I wondered if we're going to have Eleanor (Kirsten Bell) and the others figuring out Michael's plan in every episode, or we're going to have longer arcs, but the last episode (2x03) surprised me with a great plot twist... I am totally hooked now!1! It was a good start and this season is very promising too!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 5)
Another show that last year ended with a pretty intense cliffhanger. The premiere was very good balanced, with enough laughters and a tense finale. I am interested in Jake's storyline and I can't wait to see what's Rosa is dealing with with her inmates... I feel though as something was missing, Understandable after 5 seasons... Maybe was because my beloved Gina was MIA? WHERE IS SHE???

Superstore (Season 3)
It think we have had a good finale last year with the hurricane and the kiss (finally!) between Jonah and Amy, but the premiere didn't do much for me. I'm glad Amy is finally getting a divorce and I wonder if we will see Garrett and Jonah in another setting, sharing an apartment, or we're only going to hear about their adventures!

Will & Grace (Season 9)
Aww they are back! I know I always complain about bringing back old shows, but this show is so good! LOL! I have to say though, I was not very impressed by the premiere... It was too political and anything was said about what went on into the main characters lives, if you don't count Karen's series of questions after she wakes up from her nap. But I guess we'll get there... Jack is always the best though LOL!


Inhumans (Season 1)
I have to admit I didn't like the promo but I decided to watch it anyway just because I know eventually it will mix with the Marvel CU and with Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The pilot didn't change my opinion, so far I don't really like any of the characters and I don't feel very invested in the story,... but I'm going to give ti another chance...


Outlander (Season 3)
Sorry but this season is too boring. I keep putting the episode on Pause to do other things. Season 1 was very good, the last two episode were difficult to watch, but in a good way,... Season 2 started to get boring. I remember just a couple of scenes, but nothing worth mentioning. But this season it's a disaster. Both storylines are extremely dull and boring and I wonder if we're going to see Jamie and Claire together again! I will probably never find out because I am done with the show.

Victoria (Season 2)
Same as Outlander: Season 1 was very good and interesting, but we're 5 episodes into the Second season and nothing interesting happened! It makes me feel like Daisy Goodwin was only planning Season 1 and then she was surprised with Season 2 but didn't know what to do with it (it happens often with TV shows) and she can't just making up stuff, so it's not that easy. I don't know if I should just hang on and finish the season at least. It is hard to watch at the moment and my TV calendar gets quite full in October.

So which of your shows have started? How do you find the season premieres? Did you add something to your calendar? Are you planning to give up on something as well? Let me know!!
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