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meme: a shipping meme

I love shipping memes... They're my favorites... I remember a couple of years ago doing the 30 days shipping meme and having so much fun coming up with the answers and the layouts of the posts... I often thought about bringing it back ad do it again since my some of my answers changed.

But I found this shipping meme and I saw it on a few pages but I am officially stealing this from xlovebecomesher also because I found out we share a very unusual ship!!! :)

So here we go! 40 questions shipping meme! Please feel free to snag it!

1. Talk about the first ship you ever had.
We're starting with a complicate question... My first ship is probably Usagi/Mamoru (Sailor Moon) but back than I thought ships were big boats... Then I got into Fran/Maxwell (The Nanny) but still I was just a kid and the internet was not yet a very vast source of material, and I didn't even know how to use it to look this sort of things up... The first ship I had where I knew what I was getting into is (because I still ship it) House/Cameron (House) I was crazy about them! I wanted them to be an item so badly, I loved Cameron as a character and I thought she and House could be end game because she was able to make him better without changing him, he never believed in her feelings for him and then Jennifer Morrison fell in love with Jesse Spencer, he proposed in Paris, she said yes and the writers were all "oh that's cute, let's get them together on the show too" and then she cancelled the wedding and the writers were all "Well, let's keep going this way and let's get them married a couple of months after they broke up, that would be cute" and then they broke them up because they were evil and didn't think... So Jennifer left the show (by her own decision or someone else's) and my dreams went with her! So with my first ship came my first disappointment, but it didn't stop me.

2. Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life.
- House and Cameron from House (read above)
- The Doctor and Rose from Doctor Who I fell so hard for these two. This is still the most important ship for me! I don't think anything could ever top this one for me!
- Monica and Chandler from Friends This to me is still one of the only drama free ships out there and I tend to love drama. The writers of the show were able to make these two last for a lot of seasons without getting bored... How I Met Your Mother tried as well with Marshal and Lily, but I don't think they were as loved as Monica and Chandler!

3. What’s your current OTP?
I have plenty right now, but I just finished Hart of Dixie and I absolutely adore Wade and Zoe so that's the main one for me right now! Tonight Fox will air Lucifer so I will right back into my love for Lucifer and Chloe, and Suits and Game of Thrones ended not so long ago, so Donna and Harvey and Jon and Dany are still something I often think and theorize about!

4. What’s your current NOTP?
The first one I can think of is Kara/Jimmy (Supergirl) but mostly because there's not chemistry between them (imho) and I think they casted him wrong and evolved the character in the wrong way! Rory/Logan (Gilmore Girls) was again painful for me to watch since I really don't like his character. Ted/Robin (HIMYM) infuriates me to this day!

5. Do you have any poly ships?
Not really...

6. How do you feel about love triangles?
They need to be able to surprise me in order to work. I think the Wade/Zoe/George (Hart of Dixie) was very well done, but others like Damon/Elena/Stefan (The Vampire Diaries) dragged on for too long and sometimes it was just plain painful to watch...

7. How do you feel about RPF?
Real Person Fiction doesn't carry the amount of drama that I need when it comes to ships. I like these kind of shows (when there is a story to tell) but I rarely find myself shipping a lot!

8. Have you ever shipped yourself with a character?

9. Do you have many ships that never got together at all?
Yes... And for different reasons, either the show got cancelled: Mal/Inara (Firefly) or there were some changes House/Cameron (House)...

10. Do you ship any characters that have never met?
They finally met but I've always wanted Jon and Dany (Game of Thrones) to be together!

11. Talk about your favorite first kiss.
So many: Eric and Sookie (True Blood)'s first kiss was awesome, Robin and Barney (HIMYM) were very good at kissing too! I remember the episode Sand Castles in the Sand and how amazed I was when I saw them kissing on that couch! Sarah and Chuck (Chuck)'s first kiss was again pretty awesome!

12. Have you ever been disappointed when your ship finally got together?
Stefan and Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

13. Has a ship ever broken your heart?
All of them! (Such a drama queen LOL)

14. How do you feel about will they/won’t they?
It needs to be well written and not dragged out for ages! The only one I can stand (barely now) is Donna/Harvey (Suits) over 100 episodes of waiting...

15. Have you ever “shipped at first sight”?
Yes... 70% of the shows I watch!

16. Talk about a ship you initially disliked.
... and then it grew on me? I can't think of any sip that falls into that category...

17. Talk about a pairing you’ve stopped shipping romantically.
Stefan and Caroline (The Vampire Diaries) as soon as they got together...

18. Talk about a moment which made you question an entire ship.

19. Have you ever shipped something despite yourself?
Ships that cheated... maybe.

20. Talk about a ship you feel alone in shipping.
Alaric/Caroline (The Vampire Diaries) I just loved them both! Maybe also Jeff/Annie (Community) because I don't know a lot of people who watched the show!

21. Is there a ship you just don’t get, but have nothing against?
I don't get a lot ships that never happened but there are tons of fanfic about... But everyone is free to ship what they want (except Ted and Robin)

22. Which of your ships have the best chemistry?
Too long of a list! But I want to mention one that I was not able to mention in other categories: Phryne/Jack (Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries)

23. Which of your ships deserve better writing?
House/Cameron (House), Jeff/Annie (Community), Donna/Harvey (Suits),... There's room for improvement everywhere LOL!

24. Do you mostly ship canon pairings?

25. Have you ever shipped a pairing before you even started watching the show/movie simply because of gifs and graphics or similar?
I saw a video of The Doctor(Ten) and Rose (Doctor Who) before watching the show and I thought they were cute! But I started shipping when I started watching the show.

26. Have you noticed a pattern in your shipping? Is there a romantic dynamic you’re more drawn to?
Bad or damaged guy falls for a girl and they fight a lot before getting together. I like the character evolution of the typical bad boy. (Han Solo, House, Wade, Demon, Jeff, Barney,...)

27. Is there a ship you’ve shipped for most of your life?
Darcy and Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice).

28. Does shipping come easily to you?
Yes. Very.

29. Do you need to ship something to really enjoy a movie/book/tv show/comic?
Not necessarily, but sometimes it helps!

30. Name a couple of fandoms in which you have no ships.
The Good Place, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, Will and Grace, Stranger Things, ...

31. Talk about one of your favorite headcanons for a ship you love.
Robin and Barney (HIMYM) never broke up! Jeff and Annie (Community) got together! LOL IDK

32. Share five must-read fics.
I don't read a lot of fics!

33. Name your favorite fanartist(s).
I tend to do my own fan arts!

34. Share your favorite fanmix for your OTP.
I don't do fan mixes.

35. Recommend 1-5 shipper blogs.
There were a lot before the advent of Tumblr... I miss them!

36. Do you create fanmixes/gif sets/fanart/fic/fanvids and so on for you ships?
I wrote a fan fic Cameron/Kirsten (Stitchers) HERE and I have a youtube channel for my videos HERE

37. Do you have a favorite trope and/or AU for your OTP?
The only AU I think about is the one where Alt!Ten and Rose are together happily LOL

38. Do you like and use ship names?
Not that much!

39. Is there a fictional relationship you’d really want for yourself?
No I am happy with my own relationship <3!

40. If you could change one thing about your OTP, what would that be?
All I want for my OTPs is for them to get an ending. I hate when the show gets cancelled and we are left wondering!
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