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tv post: DC's Crossover Crisis on Earth X

I was super excited when Supergirl was renewed and moved to the CW, because I am a sucker for crossovers! I find them to be usually more interesting than the usual episodes, (excluding premieres, finales and episodes shown just before a break) even if rarely something huge happens, and I have to say I really liked last year crossover, I think it was really well done, even if Supergirl basically had a normal episode that just ended where the crossover started; every episode had all (or almost all) its main, and was concentrating more on the dynamics of these main, but the flow was just right... I would have been happy with another crossover like that but this year the CW created something even better than a movie!

I was very impressed with the whole thing, there was no way to figure out which show you were watching, because every episode fade into the next one perfectly and the whole thing had its own tone... I just want to say: GIVE ME MORE!

I've been quite disappointed with the DC shows this year so far...I still don't like team Arrow, the new guys are very annoying, and I was expecting more after the finale last season... The Flash still makes me happy because I love all the characters and I even like the new guy, he's a fun addition (please Cathlyn do not start dating him... can we please have some Harry/Cat??? PLEASE!!!) but - again - I was disappointed when Barry put himself together in just one episode... Supergirl still needs work on her cast (get rid of Jimmy Olsen, please...) and Legends of Tomorrow is quite boring... Here too I don't like the new additions. I miss Leonard! But the crossover made me want to keep watching!!!

Here my thoughts on the Crossover Episodes:

Supergirl: Part 1
The show opens on Earth X where the Nazi won the War and a guy with a bow and a quiver is The Man in the High Castle (who is he going to be?? SPOILER(???): Of course evil!Oliver... duh!). Nazi!Arrow is fighting again Guardian/Jimmy Olsen and for a second I find Earth X likable because Jimmy dies... In the meanwhile, in Central City, Barry is fighting King Shark (wasn't he dead or contained?) while Iris wants to talk about the wedding, some of their friends haven't RSVPd yet... Guess who? All their friends from other shows! They are all busy, some with ninjas, some with knights and some with very bad CGI. Kara and Alex are talking about their love life and I don't know who have it worse. I am sorry for Alex being so sad about Maggie, but - as I said I really disliked her - and I am interested in how the Mon-El story is going to develop... He seems more mature (7 years would do that to a lot of people) so I can't wait to see how is it going to go!
Everyone manages to wrap up what they're doing and get together for the big day. The girls are being cute getting ready, but the cutest ones are the guys, especially Oliver and Barry (I ship it!!!) and they are the ones end up doing all the girls talk while trying on tuxedos!
Back on Earth X a flying blond with a mask appears... who is she going to be (REALLY???)
At the rehearsal something AWESOME happens, something I did not expected! Alex and Sarah hook up!!! (I SHIP IT SO DAMN HARD!!!) Barry asks Kara to sing (I ship this so hard too sorry Iris) and Oliver proposes to Felicity (yay) who says NO (what?) for no reason whatsoever!!! I mean, girl, how can you say no to THAT?!
In the church a weird girl starts talking with Barry and I have the feeling she's his daughter from the future... Kara sings... Iris shows up with one of the best wedding gowns I've ever seen on TV and then the priest blows up because Nazis crash the wedding... Don't you hate when it happens?
Great montage of everyone fighting and being bad ass: check!
The identities of the bad guys are revealed and everyone at home goes WOAH! (with a lot of sarcasm in their tone)

Arrow: Part 2
The heroes capture one of the evil guys and... IT'S NAZI!TOMMY! I am screaming... He doesn't last long since he kills himself, then Oliver wants to talk with Felicity about his feelings and she says again she doesn't want to marry him... Oliver is having such a bad day... A lot of smart talk, girl talk (where Felicu=ity tells Iris why she doesn't want to marry Oliver) and some cute Alex moments and then Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow leave in a rush to meet their doppelgängers... This gives us one of the best likes of the crossover:
Oliver: "Just a quick reminder: Super speed, I don't have it"
and creates a new ship Oliver/Kara... Well their evil selves are married... And I love how Nazi!Oliver is "blinded by his love" for Nazi!Supergirl. After another epic fight (so much leather) the heroes are captured and they find out what's the reason their doubles are there... to get Kara's heart. WOAH!

The Flash Part 3:
Half of the team is on Earth X with Russel Tovey (Hello Alonso) and the other half is in cages at Starlabs. The only ones free are Iris and Felicity (and all the heroes that haven't joined the party yet). On Earth X Russel Tovey and the team gets rescued by Leonard (YAY... Please stick around!!!), Russel also has powers, he's a sort of firestorm I guess... They all go to the secret base where BadAss!Winn is the boss and he wants to blow up the only thing that can get everybody home. Alex tries to reason with the guy who after a while decides to give them the chance to pass through the portal before destroying it. Apparently he had a good reason since Earth X has a Nazi!Waverider and the bad guys want to send it through. Good!Oliver pretends to be Nazi!Oliver but Nazi!Quentin is smart and brings Brunette!Felicity in the picture and asks Oliver to kill her. Oliver can let the Nazi!Waverider go kill everyone but he cannot kill his beloved doppelgänger, so there is another epic fight against time this time and Stein gets shot (OMG!). I forgot to say I ship Leonard and the Ray and I want them to stay with the Legends!

Legends of Tomorrow Part 4:
They all manage to get out of there just in time before BadAss!Winn makes everything explode but Stein is badly hurt! Kara is about to go under surgery but the rest of the Legends arrive. When things are getting ugly again though the portal opens and they are now all finally on the same planet! On the Waverider they all have a couple of minutes to chill and regroup. Unfortunately it looks like Stein is not going to make it and I have to say I did not expect him to die in a crossover... Time for the last big fight and can we talk about the epicness of it? Can we talk how how GORGEOUS fainted!Supergirl is? Can we talk about the fact I have too many crossover ships right now?
In the end Leonard decides to stick around while the Ray goes back on Earth X with Cisco's help (nooo the Ray stay please!!!) I loved Leonard before, but this one is amazing and I might start to like Legends of Tomorrow again! After a rainy funeral (I still can't believe it) they all go back to their lives (Noooo Sarah, go with Alex or viceversa) and our favorite couples are left behind. Barry and Iris decide not to get married on a church again but to do it quickly before someone interrupts them, so Barry goes pick up Diggle (YAY I MISSED YOU MAN!!!) that starts performing the wedding when Felicity interrupts the ceremony and asks Oliver to marry her and he says YES of course! Diggle is barely keeping it together since he is the captain of the Olicity ship and he performs the double wedding! So this crossover not only killed someone off, but it gave us two weddings! So eventful! WOW

Did you see the crossover? What did you think?
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