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Episode Review: (Suits) 7x13 Inevitable 7x14 Pulling The Goalie

I forgot to post my review last week so this week it's double!

I can't believe next week the season finale will air... And a DOUBLE EPISODE! Wow!

I have so many exoectations and i am trying to keep them in check, I'm not sure I'll be able to! LOL

Here the reviews!

7x13 Inevitable

I have to say I watched the episode without checking the time and I found myself praying in more than an occasion that *that* wasn’t the end... Gosh this show!!!

Louis and Sheila + GRETCHEN!!!!: I LOVE Gretchen and I would watch a spin off about her going through her day even if episodes were 9 hours long! I felt SO SORRY for Louis when he stepped into Sheila’s office and when he overheard them outside... I think this will definitely make him reconsider his role, and I truly hope Sheila will choose him. Rachel was very sweet to him and very “understanding” of the situation (as I said I don’t condone this kind of behavior, but I am a sucker for Louis!)... she loves Louis and of course she wants him to be happy... she sees him struggle. She saw him struggle for YEARS!!! She knows what he’s doing is wrong and she knows Louis needs her to be there for him, so she doesn’t judge him! I think it’s something a friend would do in this situation...

Rachel and Mike: the writers are doing a great job with their relationship. We all now what will happen at the end of this season, and I think this is the best way to go to get to that... also I am so happy when Mike works with Harvey and Oliver is somewhere else being a useless human being...

Alex: where the hell is Alex?

And now... Donna and Harvey + (- now LOL) Paula! Ahaha and that’s what you get when you give an ultimatum Paula! Ahahaha! Take this you b!tch! I won’t miss you one bit! Go play with Oliver in the useless human being corner... yes, there where there is a lot of traffic! Oh I am so happy!
As I said at the beginning, I feared the episode was close to an end in more than one occasion... all of the occasions were Darvey related... I thought the episode would end in a cliffhanger, first with Donna finding out about Harvey’s plan, then with the cab scene,... but no... Harvey finally pull off a Donna... he put her first...
Let me say that what Paula asked was so unfair... ultimatums are never a good thing in relationships and - let’s be honest - if you ask something like that, it means the relationship has problems already and it never going to survive anything... I cannot say how happy I was when Harvey told her it was over... you could see that her being so sad about the whole thing was so fake... she just assumed he choose her and she thought she won... oh it was so good to see her finding out that it was Donna who left and that as soon as she did Harvey was like HELL NO!
I don’t think Harvey was hanging on to Paula because he loved her... I think he loved the idea of something uncomplicated... Paula was another excuse to stay away from Donna, the only one for him, the one who can break his heart and the one that will never be the “easy choice”. They have so much baggage and admitting they are “soul mates” it’s scary... not only because if it doesn’t work out he loses someone he can’t live without, but also because, if they get together and it works it means they “wasted” so much time...
He finally put Donna first... she sacrificed herself again for him and he didn’t let a day go without getting her back. He went there as soon as he broke up with Paula!
I love how she asked him if he wanted to go in and he said “not tonight” they know they both felt something during that kiss! She is so scared to be rejected and to lose him though that it’s painful... and he’s so confuse! I think there is a good chance they will hook up at Rachel and Mike’s wedding!!! Can’t wait for next week!!!

A special thanks to Harvey’s mom. Without you this would have taken a few more episodes! Thank you for putting that foot in your mouth!

7x14 Pulling the Goalie

I have to admit I did not expect to have so much Darvey this (second part of the) season... usually we have some at the beginning of it and at the very end, but never in the episodes between, unless there is a hiatus coming up... this makes me hope! I know we’re not going to have them together any time soon (but let’s face it: we love this waiting) but this makes me hope the writers are finally done using Darvey as a good excuse for a cliffhanger...

Louis and Sheila: omg I am so happy. I loved how it went down... I knew they would have end up together, because it was obvious and because I saw Sheila in the season finale promotional photos, but I just love how everything unfolded... and I did Not expect the part about kids... I guess this will create an interesting storyline as - I assume - they won’t get pregnant easily...

Louis and Katrina: the black swan is back! I love to see Katrina and Louis work together almost as much as I love seeing Mike and Harvey... I love the energy and I just really like her. I think she is GORGEOUS and funny! I hope we’ll see more of her next season and in relation to other characters as well... (maybe Alex? WHERE IS ALEX?). Katrina is an amazing lawyer and researcher and she would have fixed the lease situation even faster than Rachel, because she knows people play dirty most of the time...

Donna and Rachel: I missed and I am going to miss their scenes together... I loved how they handled the situation without having to go to Harvey or Louis... Rachel should feel more confident! She is a good lawyer!!! Donna finally told Rachel about the kiss... What I cannot believe is how Rachel did not asked for further informations at the end of the case... I mean she kissed Harvey damn it, and you are not going to ask what happened next? How did she feel? I guess they were busy, but we didn’t get a big reaction even after Donna told her that Harvey broke up with Paula because of that... OMG!!! Lol although I can imagine her going home and tell Mike “you cannot believe what happened today” and him going “OMG I NEED TO TELL YOU WHAT HARVEY TOLD ME!!!” because Mike is such a fan girl!!! I wonder why Donna didn’t share all the infos about the kiss with Rachel... maybe because she is in denial? She doesn’t want to think about what it means the fact Harvey left Paula for her because she “promised” him that (the kiss) would not happen again and she doesn’t want to feel rejected again... analyzing the situation would mean she would go back to wonder and she doesn’t want to do it!!!

Harvey and Mike: I love seeing them working together but I love them even more when they get to talk about their lives... I loved all the interactions they had about the Kiss and how Harvey handled it by being okay with the fact “it was Mike’s fault” then changing his mind and using that against him... oh Harvey, you’re so confused...

Harvey and Louis: Ahaha Louis is so good... I love when Harvey goes to him with a question and Louis has the solution in 3 seconds lol! He deserves his name on that wall! Every time Louis asks Harvey something as a friend I die inside because I am a sucker for Louis! He is such a puppy... Harvey told him - as a friend - to drop the case since Sheila asked... I wonder if the Darvey moment at the end was connected to it! As Harvey would drop and dropped everything for Donna!

Harvey and Donna: the way he looks at her... like his defenses are so close to come down... so sweet... I love how he goes to her and acts normally... if he didn’t have feelings for her he would still act differently because she is the cause he lost the woman he “loved”... he says he doesn’t want to be with anyone for now to Mike... and I think it’s true because he needs to get over Paula, so it will be interesting to see what will happen in the season finale... she will ask him to come in again if he knocks on her door? Will there be whipped cream involved? Btw... where is the can opener? LOL!
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