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Episode Review: (Suits) 8x01 Right-Hand Man

I should write an update but this post is sort of ready, so I will go in and post this review and then try to write down what’s going on in my life at the moment... so much to say... too little time.

For now here we go: Suits season premiere... my thoughts...

Harvey and Robert: I love this already... they’re all nice with each other but both are ready to kick the other as soon as he turns his back... I love it... this is going to be a very good season... I am glad Robert is now managing partner, so we can have Harvey back doing what he’s best at! So Robert is the new Jessica! I am on board with it!

Harvey and Donna: lol, of course she bugged the conference room! I love it... btw Sarah looks AMAZING... wow every year better!

Louis and Katrina: please give me at least one interaction between the two of them every episode... I need it!!! The Ned Stark quote was just perfect LOL! I loved to see her having to do something that wasn’t only research for Louis... she had to fire people, and that is not fun... she did it in her robot sort of ways but also showed her human side and I can’t wait to see more... is she the new Rachel? I hope Donna gets to go out drinking with her... it could be a very funny pair... they are so different, it would be perfect

Harvey and Samantha: I just LOVE her so much and I hope she won’t be used as love interest... I want her to kick asses all over the place... loved the middle finger thing🖕🏻They are both children when it comes to certain things and I love it!

Samantha and Alex: I think there will be a war about who’s name goes up next and I don’t see any of them getting it any time soon... this again will be very interesting... but if I have to bet on someone all my money are on her! So, basically: Alex is to Samantha what Louis was to Harvey??? This is going to be good!


- Awww the new credits... I LOVE IT!! They needed to be changed for so long now...

- When Robert stepped into the gym to meet with Katherine Heigl (Samantha) I was looking for her around the room and I noticed the only blonde was the one in the ring but I thought it couldn’t be her because the hair was too long... it was her but they used a double for the boxing part... she was not doing anything difficult... why??? They could have use someone with hair more similar to hers or a better wig...

I am very excited about this season... :)
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