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episode review: (Suits) 8x02 Pecking Order

Another great episode!!!

I usually don't like when there are major cast changes in a show, but I think Suits needed it! It's not like I didn't like Mike and Rachel, I really liked them, but I guess their story was over and the show needed some fresh air!

Donna and Samantha: uuuuh two strong intelligent women loyal to their bosses... oh this is going to be so damn good... Samantha found an adversary worthy of that name... I cannot wait to see more interactions between the two of them... Donna is very good at reading people and Samantha is a certified liar. It think I can be okay with them being enemies and with them being friends... I think that both dynamics would bring a lot to the plate... I love and envy Samantha’s hair and I love and envy Donna’s dresses... the blue one she wore at the beginning of the episode was probably one of my favorite ever... I like Samantha’s style too, but the last outfit was not that good... the jewelry was way too over the top... the big gold chain statement necklace was making a quite big statement... LOL then the earrings and the other necklace... mmmh...

Harvey and Samantha “if you bring Donna into this we’re never getting on the right foot” oh I love when he says stuff like that... you can do whatever you want, but do not mess with Donna... and you know is not because he thinks she cannot Take care of herself (because she’s his partner) but because he cares so much about her... oh get together already... this is so different from
What we had when Mike was there. Harvey and Mike were a team, their relationship was all about trusting one another... with Samantha is so different... you never know...

Donna and Harvey: she is the brain of this operation... Harvey would be lost without her... I love seeing them working together. This feels like a “back to the start” dynamic. They went trough so much that they had to take a break and go back to who they were in season 1... this season has been so refreshing so far, and it has been only 2 episodes.

Sheila and Louis: I am so glad she’s back in the picture... I was so excited to have Rachael Harris last year and I was scared she wouldn’t be part of the show this year, that we would have had only Louis mention her every once in a while... but here she is...
I don’t want Louis to feel insecure about Sheila’s feelings though... I want him to be happy, so I hope this was only a one time thing and now he feels more secure about his relationship with her.
It was funny to see Sheila and Stan talking about Louis and what he needs (also because Raechel is a therapist on Lucifer, so that made me LOL)
“People are not set in stone” is the sentence that best describes Louis... if you think about who he was in season 1... fantastic character growth without changing him to the core. The last scene was hilarious.
- I'll get the bananas.
- What are you, crazy? You're going to be the mother of my child. I'll get the bananas.

Gretchen and Donna:Do you think we should have a secret handshake or something?” I would watch this spin off in a second. It was interesting to see Katrina joining them... they are quite an interesting team. More of this too, please...

Louis, Harvey and Robert: When Louis entered into Harvey’s office and Harvey kept interrupting him, I felt bad, but I understood where Harvey came from... he knows Louis is now on his side, but still it was stupid of him to act like that... especially if you think about WHO Louis is and how insecure he can be... he just wants to be included... seeing him saying “no Robbie” calling himself a “third wheel” and making them notice that they owe him “I save both your fucking asses” was great... I think he’s going to decide which name goes on the wall... but I don’t expect it to happen soon. What made me happy was Harvey’s face when he decided not to talk about Alex wanting his name on the wall too and instead e said “what are we going to do about Louis”... I am not going to lie, I cried a bit when I saw the clock... “WE CLOCKED YOU, LOUIS” ❤️

- I love how all of them are scared about Samantha, she is so awesome and I cannot stress it enough: we needed someone like her on the show!

- It was nice to see Harvey back in the field being a lawyer.

- This guy Max looks a bit like Jonathan Groff

- Why is Samantha so loyal to Robert??? I feel there is more to this story...

- Robert is perfect for the role of managing partner. So different from Jessica. When Jessica was in charge it was like a family, now everyone needs to be careful not to get stabbed in the back, and there are definitely 2 very separate groups there.

- The “Name on the wall” situation is not going to end well. I don’t think at the moment Alex is very deserving of it... but maybe neither Samantha... it will be interesting to see what will happen... Donna is right: putting up 2 names at the same time is going to take the moment away from both of them. From what I can see I think Alex will back off...
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