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episode review: (Suits) 8x03 to 8x07

Woops... I think I haven't updated in a while!

For now it's a "Episode Review" post (because I post them on TV Time [Add Me] so I just have to copy-paste them) but I will write an update soon! It's just so busy!!! Sorry!

But here my thoughts on the last few episodes of Suits (I need to add some Suits fans to my flist, so if you have some, please send them my way! I need to talk about this show!(

8x03 Promises, Promises

Donna and Harvey (and Mike) I love how they will occasionally mention Mike and Rachel... but that is something shows usually do so it’s something to expect... but Suits brought to the next level... Mile changed Harvey and he knows it. THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER... DAMN!!!!

Samantha and Louis: finally a scene between the two of them... I think the name thing will end up being Louis decision...

Donna and David: I think something will happen... this is not the last we see of this guy and I’m not upset...

Katrina and Brian: a part of me wishes he was not married... but I would be so happy if this stay an awesome friendship... I hope the writers will not ruin it...

8x04 Revenue Per Square Foot

Louis and Gretchen: Am I the only one who thought that “I don’t want Robert to think I’m weak” was not making a lot of sense? I would understand it in other circumstances, but with the client in the middle of the situation? Well I think it’s sort of worse if your boss thinks you are lying to him and are “bad” at your job... I hope we’ll have more interactions between him and Gretchen. I like the way he confides in her. I always enjoyed that in Harvey and Donna and I’m still able to enjoy this dynamic with a different pair.

Robert and Donna: every time Donna enters in a room (she’s perfect by the way) and Robert wants to talk to her, I get worried... I can see she doesn’t feel at ease too... He’s quite scary, but she was the same with Jessica... I think she is worried who’s in power won’t see how good she is at what she does... but I love how she just owns it and fights against her “fears” and gets honest and says it as it is!

Harvey and Alex: Alex is not Mike and I don’t want to see him working with Hervey that way... Alex should work with/against Samantha... it “hurt” a little having them exchanging tv references...

Louis and Samantha: I think I can see Samantha working with everyone at the firm. I tend not to like new cast members because I get nostalgic and I start missing the original team, but I liked Samantha from the get go... I still miss Mike and Rachel, but I think she is such a great character. I loved the last scene when she decided to teach Louis self defense... I expect him to invite her to a mudding session soon LOL

Robert and Harvey: I like this dynamics... similar in some ways to what Harvey had with Jessica (the yelling) but also so different, I find it quite intriguing and I feel like there is so much potential.

Harvey and Donna: I am waiting... I need more Darvey!!!


- Louis and Sheila trying to have a baby is going to either bring me joy because of their way to get there or infinte sorrow if they don’t get pregnant
- Louis hugging Robert was so cute!!!
- I wish we saw Harvey telling Robert about Louis.

8x05 Good Mudding
Louis and Harvey: I love when Harvey messes with Louis and he believes everything he says. The tomato thing was hilarious!

Harvey Donna tomatoes “it’s really whipped cream and strawberries” TOO SOON? NOOOOOOOOOOO *shakes tv screen* God the way she looks at him *dies*

Harvey and Marcus: interesting to see Harvey dealing with a different kind of law... he’s a shark in his. I knew Marcus lied but I honestly don’t know why he did something like that Harvey would have find out. He asked his kids to lie like Harvey’s mom asked him to lie to his dad... I didn’t expect Harvey’s mom to show up. Harvey is in a very bad position and I don’t think Marcus deserves to be forgiven. A divorce is stressful and he could start gambling again and that would be so bad for the kids. Its also great that hatveybis taliing with his mom about the situation. This will bring him closer to Donna. I think Harvey has the best idea, an ultimatum but it’s awful the way he goes around it and how he wants to do it. He’s a closer but not in this kind of cases.

Alex and Samantha (plus Gretchen) I have to admit I think Gretchen is the coolest and if Alex’s kid had to spend the day with her she would have ended up loving her. I don’t think Samantha used her but I can see why Alex would have a problem with it... I think Samantha had some pretty bad issues when she was a kid. I’m very Interested to know more about her past.

Louis, Sheila and the deposit LOL he asked about the WALL STREET JOURNAL why am I not surprised? LoL... who would have known the mudding was/could be the cause! The “good mudding” was less funny than that time he imagined everyone chanting “shame” from Game of Thrones. I have to say I have sort of a problem with how tv shows treat pregnancies... it’s either an accident or they can’t... why all the drama all the time around it?! I understand doing it sometimes but ALWAYS? “Gretchen was coming at me with a thousand things” so he gets out and go mudding instead of working? Wtf. I love how Sheila is not material. Sheila FTW about what she gives up in to have a child!

Alex daughter is gorgeous
Aww the cup!
Donna, Louis and the dirty talk lol. She is my hero

8x06 Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter

Harvey and Louis: “Am I in a relationship with Harvey? Can I be the boy? Scratch that, I don’t give a shit. I’m in a relationship with Harvey” LOL it was hilarious to see them going to Stan for a session con couple counseling. Stan is Great, he saw that Harvey was hurting and he asked Louis permission to see him alone. What a great therapist!

Donna and Samantha being pals is awesome and is Alex the one playing Cupid? Looooove it! This is still the family I’ve always loved!

Talking about Cupid... Katrina and Brian are so cute but I hope they don’t create some drama and they let them only be friends..

“Everybody leaves” NOT DONNA HARVEY, NOT DONNA!
Donna’s reactions to Louis and Harvey going to couple’s counseling LOL

8x07 Sour Grapes

Louis and Sheila: I’m so sorry it was a false positive... although the fact she got her period doesn’t mean she’s not pregnant since you can still have your period at the beginning of your pregnancy... the only way to know it’s to take a blood test... but i guess the scene needed to happen that way... so be it!

Louis and Gretchen: do you remember when Louis had the mysterious secretary we never saw and we loved it because it was funny? Well Gretchen is so much better... I loved her reaction when she thought he wanted her to be the midwife ahahaha. I can totally see Louis helping Sheila giving birth... I think that is we are going to get a baby!Litt we’re going to have a lot of fun! The last scene when she hugged him was so sweet... also... does Harvey have a secretary now that Donna has another position?

Alex and Robert / Harvey and Samantha: I think it was interesting to see this switch and it will have a huge weight on the name business... I thought they would have ended up dragging it for a very long time but I guess it’s season finale material... I don’t think it will happen in the mid season finale but it might at this point...

Samantha and Donna: love this friendship... and - call me crazy - I won’t be mad if Samantha gets in the middle of the Darvey for a minute or so (not for a long arc and I don’t see her as a love interest for Harvey, but I can see her finding herself in the middle of something...) I absolutely loves how she said she would have kept working on the case not to make Donna a liar... damn girl! I love you!

Donna and Harvey: “I fu*king deserve it” YOU DAMN DO DONNA! Also the F word has been used already twice from the beginning of the season... it’s quite rare since they usually go for the goddamn it... I love their banter though... I need so much more of it!

- I like David Fox and I hope we’ll see more of him and he will probably make a move on Donna because he’s only human
- I missed Katrina in this episode!
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