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Music Video: Ten II/Rose - Little Wonders

Alt!Ten/Rose - Little Wonders
Rob Thomas

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Characters: Ten II/Rose
Spoiler: Journey's End
Song: Rob Thomas - Little Wonders
Clips from: Doctor Who (Series 1/2/4) Blackpool, Casanova, L.A. without a Map, Secret Smile, Only Human, Love InThe 21st Century, sweetnightgoodheart, Trick or Treat (David Tennant) Secret Diary od a Call Girl, Bella and The Boys, Much Ado About Nothing, Spirit Trap, The Millers Tale, Walk of Life, The Friday Night Project (Billie Piper).
Description: It's a little bit different for me! I often use few clips from other David and Billie's shows but here I used... few clips from Doctor Who lol! 'cause this is a story after Journey's end... a story about the Human Doctor and Rose
The Doctor is gone and he left her and Ten II in the parallel universe. At the beginning Rose is confused, the memories about her Doctor are too strong and being with someone who seems like him but is not him hurts!
One evening she decides to call Ten II and he goes to her place, but he's still sad about what she said at the bay.
They start to date till one day someone finds a video about the Doctor. Seeing the Doctor upsets Rose and Ten II goes away 'cause he's not the Doctor and Rose can't love anyone who isn't the real Doctor.
Ten II avoids Rose till one day when he answers back to one call and they fight but he understands that she missed him and not the real Doctor, so they start over. One night he opens up to her and he says that he hopes that one day she'll see him like a man and not like a copy of the man that she used to love. But she loves him, so...

Ten II: I'm part human. I've only got one life. I could spend it with you...if you want.
Rose But he's not you.
Rose: Will you come round?
*Ten II: I love you*
Ten: How you feel?
Rose: He's gone
Ten II: I'm not the Doctor
Ten II: This is among the most mental things I have ever done in my life
Rose: This is bizzarre
Rose: How are you?
Rose: But I'm gonna keep on making mistakes until I do the one thing that makes you love me again.
Ten II: I do
Ten II: But i can't stop hoping
Rose: I love you

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Tags: !music videos, character: rose tyler, people: billie piper, people: david tennant, ship: alt!ten/rose, tv movie: blackpool, tv movie: recovery, tv movie: secret smile, tv show: doctor who
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