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Because some ties are simply...Meant to be.

I have to stop to watch TV Darma... I'm totally sad right now! Fortunately in a little while I'll watch Merlin so I'll be happy again soon!

Btw I'm sad 'cause I watched Grey's Anatomy and I saw someone who I didn't want to see again and not because I dislike him... not at all!

Oh Gosh the episode starts with Iz and Danny's sweater... *Ery starts to cry as a baby* this footage is so sweet *________* and so sad! And Alex is in Iz's bed... poor Alex... not yet time to be happy for you mate!

LOL I loved sleepy Derek woke up by Christina and then kicked out of his own bed LOL and then Christina kicked out too by Sadie (I already don't like her... I dunno why) Btw the scene when sleepy!Derek and Christina were in the kitchen sharing a coffee is so funny! Derek's face when Christina tells him: "You know that woman all but kicked me out of the bed?" and he reply: "That's terrible." XD he was totally: welcome to my world ^^;

001.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
- I mean, how good of a friend can she be?
- Good enough to kick us both out of bed

No!! The annoying girl will work with them meh!
What stories by the way I want to know some stories! Come on!!!
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- Stuff from the past, iz.
- You don't understand.

When I saw Danny in the lobby walks next to Iz I was so sad... he tried to talk to her and she tried to avoid him. He was so sweet when he says to her something about her hair and he smiled to her... :( I'm so worried about Iz... This visions are so real... and she's not House who is addicted to vicodin... I'm worried about her health!
LOL at Lexie with hers scratch arms and the face of Christina when she justify her self sayng: "These are scratches from my kitten" !!
- You're a cat person?
- I meant hairbrush.

LOL I luv Lexie! And Derek is wright: Lexie is Meredith's family. She have to go to her and asks her if she have some problems! Go Mer!

004.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
You know, you look good. Tired, but good. Did I mention I find the short hair kind of sassy?

Christina/Hunt I approve!!! I don't understand the guy but I like him!
And Danny again... how cute was Danny on the stairs staring at Iz? ♥
And LOL at Callie!!! She was really upset about Erica's story...

005.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
I want blood and guts and mangled bones.
I want a guy so badly smashed up, it takes all day to fix him.
I want to rock a surgery. I don't want to talk about Hahn.

The indian patient was boring! I didn't like him... I liked the homless but not this one... He didn't want a new heart... I know it was fot his religion and for the ghosts but thre are so many people (like Danny) who wants an heart and they can't have it so shut up indian guy! And Iz was there, listening to himy, with Danny next to her...
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Take the heart, man. Take the heart if they offer it.

This scene was one of my favourite: Iz finally face Danny and start to talk to him. And he want to be touch by her as much as she want to touch him but she is scared... so scared about that! He want to prove to her that he is real... but how could be real... he's gone... gosh I'm crying like a baby right now just to think about it! He is there for her! But why for her.
I'm so worried! She needs him but why so badly, why???

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- Touch me. Izzie... Touch me. I'll prove it to you.
- No! Why are you here? Why?
- I am here for you, Izzie Stevens

In the lobby again... She say that she love him and she will always love him so he will never be forgotten by her!!

008.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
I love you. I will always love you. You own a piece of me. So even though you'll be gone, You will never be forgotten, not by me.

No the sweater NOOOOOO :(
Mer/Derek cute
Christina/Hunt YAY
Iz/sweater :(

009.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
Will you burn this for me?

The sweater is gone but Danny is still there! A little angry for the sweater but still sweet and cute! And now she touch him! And is "real" oh dear God, she can touch him, she's so happy! (I'm happy too but still worried)
010.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
I said good-bye. I burned the sweater.

011.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album
Izzie, look at me. Touch me. You see? I told you I was real.

How amazing was this episode???
And now Merlin! ^^
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