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The Doctor. In The TARDIS. With Rose Tyler. Just as it should be!

I can't believe it... it's on line... the sequence who was cut from Journey's End for the drama's sake! It's amazing! I mean ... Alt!Ten who looks Rose Tyler like that... I'm crying! Beautiful scene... I can't wait for the DVD...

THE DOCTOR:  Oh and don't forget this, this universe is in need of defending. Chunk of TARDIS. Grow your own.
ALT!TEN: But that takes thousands of years
THE DOCTOR: No, because...
DONNA:... if you shatterfly the plasmatic shell and modify the dimensional stabiliser to a foldback harmonic of 36.3 you accelerate growth by the power of 59.
THE DOCTOR & ALT!TEN: We never thought of that!
DONNA: I'm just Brilliant
THE DOCTOR: The Doctor. In The TARDIS. With Rose Tyler. Just as it should be!
ROSE: But... what about you? You gonna be all right?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, I've got madam.
DONNA: Human with a Time Lord brain, perfect combination! We can travel the universe forever. Best friends! And equals, just what old skinnyboy needs, an equal!
And the one with Donna! She hears the TARDIS oh God! And the cyberman??? WHAT??? I prefer the end with the emo, angst and wet Ten!

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