July 29th, 2008

Music Video: Doctor/Rose - What Hurts The Most

I know that I couldn't say domething like this cos this video is mine but I rly love this one! I think that I will not EVER be able to do a vid like this one! The song is perfect and the music too and I'm so so so proud of it, so I rly hope you like it too cos I think that it will remain my favourite (of mine) for ages :) let me know what you think ;)

Ten/Rose-What Hurts The Most
by Rascal Flatts

Character: Ten/Rose
Spoiler: 1x01 to 4x13 + confidential + Music Of The Spheres. Much Ado About Nothing and Spirit Trap(Billie Piper)
Note: The Doctor find Rose's diary in The Library and he starts to read it trying to find a future with her, but there are only stories of the past, and it hurts!
Rose - in the parallel universe - finds a diary too (John Simith's diary), in this book she finds a way to come back. But, unfortunatly, it's temporany. She had to come back in her universe. After that the Doctor leaves the diary in the same place where he found it, but he has another chance: CAL... he reaches Rose and now they can stay together.

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