January 20th, 2009

Oops, I'm DOING it AGAIN

Hi f-list! How you doing? ;)
I'm alive, I'm studying so I'm sad and tired, but still alive!
What can I say... mhm... let me think something not law-ish... oh gosh I can't think about anything! Oh no wait:
I'm writing to David
...and I feel stupid!
It's my first letter for a famous man, and I really don't know what to say! I tryed to write something funny and nice but it's hard, I mean: I have to say something about me? How much lines? One line? Two? And can I say to him that me and my friends have a fansite about Doctor Who and we translate subtitles for Italian Fans? And how much I have to write? A page? Less... or maybe more? I really want to say something about his back's injury but it seems lame, and at the end how can I say bye to him? with a "with love"??? It seems really strange and I LOVE write letters! But the thing is that I really want another autograph! In London I bought more stamps for it!

But the main news is this... I'm doing it again... a fanvid about Alt!Ten and Rose... something like Little Wonders but sad... ok, more sad! :) I don't make happy videos you know ^___^ I used to love this song but was really difficult... or better IT'S very difficult! But the thing is that usually when I start to study something that I don't like I need to do a fanvid for cheer me up a little! So I started a fanvid about Casanova and another one about Doctor Who, that means that I really don't like this subject!

Collapse )

The storyline is about Alt!Ten who calls Rose and tells her all this things!The only preview that I can show you it's a caps with the color cos I love the color and I wanted to share all my love for it ^____^!

Untitled-2.jpg picture by Ery-chan_album

And now I can come back to the video... oops... to study!