March 9th, 2009

New TV Shows for Ery

I have to give up on me... my thing with TV shows is no longer under control, I can't help myself! :P
But I still pay my bill, take care of me, go tu the University and I still have a life and friends so... is not a big addiction problem, but I have to promise to myself that those four willl be the last add until this summer!

Doll House
Joss Whedon is always a good reason to start a TV Show!
A lot of people on the net say that the show isn't so good but I love it! It's brilliant. Eliza in that role is fantastic, I love her candid face when she's Echo. I think a role like this is really difficoult to play but wonderful at the same time cos she's always a different charachter and she has to reinvent herself everytime. Of course I already have a ship:Topher/Claire Saunders. In the third episode he was kinda jelous of her bonding with Boyd... "Boyd? What are you guys, buddies now? Oh, God, of course you are. You both disapprove of everything. You're gonna get married and have scowly babies." And all the background charachters are amazing, I think that maybe now Tohper is my favourite but I really like Boyd... his bond with Echo is like the one between Giles and Buffy, uh, about that I started to watch Buffy properly finally! YAY!
But I hate, I really hate Adelle DeWitt, the only charachter that I want to see dead before the end of the season! Please Alpha, kill her!
Thing is: I think that this is a really good show and he can only go for better!

Lie To Me
The reason is Tim Roth. Yes, Tim - 900 - Roth in a TV Show... I love Tim. First is British (100 point only for that) and he's an AMAZING actor. The show is good but I don't like the girl: Torres. I don't have a reason yet, it's a feeling. I'm really interest about Tim/Cal past. There must be something big!
And plus, I'm descovering a lot of thing about lies. YAY (ahah try to lie to me - live, of course - and we'll see ^___^) and the editing and the credits are surprising lovely! I love the colors, so bright! *___*
No ships for now, I like Cal/Gillian but she's married (with a bastard of course) and their friendship is so sweet, even if he doesn't tell her that her husband is cheating on her... I have to admit that I don't understand how she doesn't know yet, it's her work see the lie and he's not so good. Cal knows, btw and Torres too... maybe even Loker knows... and this could be a big problem cos he only tells the true. Everytime. We'll see!

Being Erica
You can guess why about this Show... cos is my name (without a K) on it? This is the reason? OF COURSE IT IS! lol!
I only saw the first episode and I'm kinda scared a little, She's exactly like me except for the age and the nationality!
She's a mess and she cares A LOT about what everyone else thinks, and that opinions counts more then hers in her mind... like me... I know that isn't a good thing... maybe one day Dr Tom will come to me and I'll travel through time. Yep... TIME TRAVEL... *___*
Btw she is emotional and she does a lot of strange things and she's always in trouble! And look at this. Is a site where you can know better the main carachter. And Dr Tom is very good.

Nathan Fillion. Tonight in the US, Tomorrow here! “Castle” based on a famous crime and horror novelist, Rick Castle, who helps the NYPD homicide department solve crimes. It's a sort of Bones for the couple and is full of humor (for what I saw) I think that if you like Bones you should give a try to Castle! And Susan Sullivan (Kitty in Dharma & Greg) is his mother *____*
If you want to know more about this go here!