April 19th, 2009

Resrvoir Dogs. Mr Orange Picspam

Last night I was bored so I decided to watch a DVD, I have loads of movies to watch but I didn't want somethig new. I wanted, you know, to be *safe* so I was holding in my hands two DVDs about two of my favourite movies: Moulin Rouge and Reservoir Dogs... But was a really hard choice to made, so, I remembered that few days ago I saw Skellig, with Tim Roth and John Simm and I decided to put into the player Reservoir Dogs for hear Tim's voice with his american accent and cos I wanted to hear one line in particular "I 'm gonna die. I'm gonna die!" at the beginning... (it was my phone ring years ago... I know... creepy XD) so I put the DVD and at the end I saw the whole movie... Today (or better yesterday are 2 am here) I was at home, and, for the first time in I don't know how long, my mum was at home too and she was bored so I sayd "Let's watch something in DVD" and what movie she wanted to see again? Yep: Reservoir Dogs. And I was happy about that! Did I mention that I love that movie?
So I decided to made a picspam cos this movie deserve it and cos I'm addicted! This is about Tim - Mr. Orange - Roth cos, you know, I love Tim and not just because I'm obsessed with english guys!

Note: NC17 for language :)


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Isn't he sweet? I wanna hug him so badly... Awwww!
And now I can go to sleep, bye!