May 10th, 2009

As Long As You're Mine

Ok then, I know, I know I was MIA in those days, and its all Twitter's fault. I'm loosing my mind over it. Lol, I'm kiddin' is not because of it of course... I had to do loads of things in those days and when I was at home I was too tired so... But now that I'm here, sit on my chair and a little bit sick (don't worry about that, I can survive it's only my tummy) I can finish this kind of "review" of my holidays: London! Well, London, - better knows as the last part of the trip - was... well... is London so is always fantastic.

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And now it's over... I'm at home and today is a week. I have so many Tv Shows to watch that I'm almost glad that we're near the seasons ends... There are some of 'em that I don't want to watch as House for example... I used to love that show so much and now is a torture... I'll wait the last episode and then I'll saw it all in a day!
And I have to study too... buuuu I want to come back... it's sad here :(
So... good night dear flist... I'm going to bed now cos my tummy is killin' me. Read you tomorrow! Have a great night for me too!
Kisses! ;)