September 21st, 2009


I saw this in kimmy_dreamer's journal and I just couldn't resist! It's a great meme! I have to say THANK YOU to mrbartleboom who helped me for the casting part... oh mate, maybe someday we'll do that for real *___*
Yeah, I'd better stop dream XD
So, this is the meme, I don't tag anyone but if you want to do it take it and let me know! ;)

This is a mega-meme: it's the union between a PICSPAM and a FANMIX. IT'S YOUR LIFE, BB!</font>

- You have to choose the actors who will play:
~ Yourself alias the main character
~ The true love
~ The "mistake"
~ The rival
~ Mom
~ Dad
~ Sister/brother (or both)
~ The Best Friends
~ The Best gay friend
~ The true love's best friend
~ The pet
~ The city

- And now you have to choose YOUR PERSONAL SOUNDTRACK, of course:
~ Opening credits
~ Falling in love
~ The Kiss
~ Sex
~ The break up
~ The psychological breakdown
~ Shopping with friends
~ The getting back together
~ End Credits

Collapse )

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A few choices were really easy to take and you could point at some pictures and say "I KNEW IT" but other choices..., for example the "dad" LOL I love that man so much (I was thinking about Peter Capaldi too but Craig&Emma <3) , I want to meet him! I found difficult find the perfect soundtrak cos there are so many beautfiul song in my collection!
And that's all for today! :) Good Emmy Night :D