June 25th, 2010

Ship: Jeff/Annie [Community]

Picspam: Jeff/Annie [Community]

Hello, hi , howdy!
Am I actually back? I hope so!
Life is keeping me so busy in these days! It's all study study study and fun fun fun and work work work... pretty exhausting but don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying this mess!
But This post is not about my personal life so let's skip this stuff and let's talk about important things: TV SHOWS/SHIPS/PICSPAMS

Season 1 Picspam

I can't believe that I finally did it: First Picspm of 2010!So, as you can see from the banner, this is a "new" couple for me! They're Annie and Jeff from Community and I hope that while you're reading this you're nodding and saying "Yes Ery, I know them... they're so cute" 'cos if you don't know them SHAME ON YOU!
You have to watch community and not only 'cos Joel McHale is hot or because Alison Brie is adorable but 'cos the show is AWESOME! It's really fun! I recomande it, guys! Give it a chance and let me know.
Let's start with the picspam! :)

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I hope you liked it! :)