August 28th, 2010

Ship Meme, Day Two: Very First Ship

Brilliant. I'm still in the mood! So let's keep going with this meme.
Yesterday I took a look at the other questions for the next days and some of them are not easy expecially since I want to choose a different pairing for every post.
But today the question is still an easy one to answer!

I don't remember my very first ship. Maybe Barbie/Ken from my Barbie dolls collection? [I used to made up some really angsty story for those two when I was a kid... poor Barbie...] Or maybe my very first ship was Usagi/Mamoru from the anime Sailor Moon...
It's complicated, but as very first ship I have to choose a more recent couple because this very couple made me became a tv show addict and made me surf the net loocking for spoilers and pics FOR THE FIRST TIME. My first music video was about them and it's again thanks to them if I opened this livejournal! So House/Cameron was my very first important ship!

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House/Cameron - House
What I am is what you need. I'm damaged.
animation made by erychan86

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And tomorrow: Day Three:  A pairing that needs to happen now?

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