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I forgot to post the last chapter... LOL


Fandom: Stitchers
Ship: Cameron x Kirsten
Summary: AU where Cameron drives Kirsten home to Liam, after they have solved the case about the physics (ep 1x09); he meets Camille on her way back home from having dinner with Linus' parents, which didn't go as well as we thought.
Spoilers: 1x09
Notes: This is a Camsten fanfiction, so do not worry about the fact there are a lot of scenes with Cameorn and Camille at the beginning, I just love the drama, and I like to make *my puppets* suffer before getting their happy ending.
Disclaimers: I don’t own these characters or Stitchers... but lol, I wish I did!

HERE's the link to the complete work @ Ao3.
CHAPTER 11 - Say Anything / Epilogue
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