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I'm going through a Star Wars fase at the moment. To be precise I'm going through an Han and Leia fase, and I'm way too deep into it. I just want more so, even if I know the old books are not canon anymore, I decided to go there anyway to feed the fangirl inside of me. I started with the Courtship of Princess Leia and I enjoyed it more than I imagined, I mean I wasn't completely thrilled about the whole kidnap thing but it seems in character enough to make me accept it. I liked it even if there were way too many kisses between Leia and Isolder and I still think she fell in love way too quickly with him, but the explanation was reasonable enough for me to forget about it.

Last night I started reading Tatooine Ghost by Troy Denning and I was surprised when I found this short story between the first pages of the book, so I decided to share it here so that I can come back to it when I need it.

If the short story is a reflection of how the book is going to be I am already very pleased.

"Corphelion Interlude - A Short Story" by Troy DenningCollapse )
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