March 8th, 2016

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remember that time I quit?

I know I didn't actually share the Big News throughout this outlet, or any other social network actually, but a month ago I finally quit my job. The reasons were various but ultimately it was time for me to move on and go live my life. The boat and its owner gave me a lot. The life I'm leaving now it's possible just because of him. If he didn't wake up one day thinking "I'm going to get myself a boat" I would have never met Eric, I would have never fell in love with him, I would have never left my whole life in Italy behind. So thank you Mr I-wish-I-could-say-your-name-but-I-can't-because-I-signed-a-lot-of-papers-that-say-I-can't-mention-you-on-any-social-media, thank you for being also SO DAMN AWESOME!

So, to go back on track, Eric and I rented a small Studio Apartment 15 minutes away from the boat, and we settled down a little bit (as much as you can settle in a Studio apartment you're renting for 4 months). The place is very nice and I think we'll rent tit again when we came back to the States in November after we spend the Summer season in Italy.

The reason why I didn't share this huge change in my life is because somehow I felt ashamed... Quitting a job without jumping into another right away it's not me, but the situation was and is different. I mean, I can't go and find a job for 4 months and then leave for 5... Also I'm still slowly getting together all my new documents... I have a social security number now and I still don't know what do I need it for... For me it's just something that can help the Machine from Person Of Interest to find me... I still have to get my driving license and I'm irrationally terrified... I can drive on stick in Italy where ITALIANS drive but I can't drive an automatic in an American wide straight road... I'm nutts! I will get there, I just need to chill and stop thinking about it.

For the past month I just enjoyed myself. I started running, biked around, watched my shows and relaxed. Everything was great until a couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from the boat. It has been three months since I gave my notice (I wanted to be extra nice and I gave two months notice instead of one) and they didn't fill my position yet. Apparently it's difficult to find someone who can do my job and at the same time can be liked by the owner and his wife. They called me to ask me to come back for a while because they are having problems with the work load and soon there's going to be the big end of the season trip and they're going to have a Full Boat. I didn't even think about it and I said yes because I'm a sucker for people who needs help and - even if some people don't deserve my help - the Owners do and I'm glad to be also able to see them again. At the end of the day it was a good thing for them that I decided to take a break and not to jump into a brand new job.

That leads at today. I'm writing from Nassau, Bahamas where I flew for the day in order to sign a contract.
The boat is registered in the Cayman Island so the company can't hire in US soil so - in order to advert problems - the contract has to be signed out of the Country.

So, this is the story of how I quit my job and I came back temporarily to it. Yet another proof that my life it's insane and I can't control it as much as I wish. Hi and Goodbye from the Bahamas. Here're a couple of pictures.

12821372_10208407672206386_3769224742635800664_n.jpg 12718230_10208407672926404_8053206558185755977_n.jpg

Hope your day is filled with awesome unexpected news and situations.

Ery's out!