April 8th, 2016

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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Hello there!!!

Guess what day is today?

Yes... it's my Birthday...

I still have a couple of hour left before this wonderful day is over, and I decided to write a quick post on my livejournal!
This birthday was more than a birthday... It's a milestone! Today I turned 30 and - I'm not going to lie - I'm pretty excited about it!

Why? You'll ask... You're getting closer and closer to your expiration day... you'll say... Because for me it's not getting older, for me it's still growing up and today I step into a new year of my life. A year full of unknown adventures... Who knows how many big decisions I'll have to take... That's exciting, so yes, I choose to celebrate life, my life, and I choose to be happy.

I remember, when I was in hugh school, one of my class mates was celebrating his birthday on the same day I do, and he was always so unhappy... If he was that way at 16 I can only imagine how he is today... Poor guy! I hope he changed his way of seeing things, but I doubt it...

Anyway... I'm also super excited because Eric is here with me... He wasn't suppose to be here, he was suppose to be on the boat crossing the Ocean, instead he's on holiday for 3 weeks and he's the best present I could ever ask for! I think I could even use the hashtag blessed today xD

Today we went out kayaking and it was so much fun... I filmed almost it all with my goPro. Here some snaps:

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And now it's movie time..

Have a great weekend