April 17th, 2016

Mood: Okay

When the husband is away...

... Erika catches up with her shows!

Not that Eric is annoyed by my crazy TV schedule, but I feel guilty if I stare at a screen for too long and he's in the room.

So for the past week I just watched what I absolutely had to watch, such as Stitchers. I just love that show and I have to watch it as soon as it's out (Why FreeForm decided to show it at 10 at night is a mystery... Shadowhunters is over... Put it at 9 at least). The last episode was again a good one even if I don't understand Linus. I never liked the character but now I feel like I'm completely done with him and not just because he interrupted an almost kiss. I didn't like the way he invited himself into Cameron's apartment:

L: I'm getting the feeling you don't want me as a roommate.
C: I don't. Dude, I had a roommate freshman year who insisted on writing his term papers in the nude while sitting on my bed, and after that, I was like, Never again.
L: First of all, I'm not a clothing optional kind of guy, and secondly, I'm not some stranger who's assigned to you to be your dorm-mate.I'm your best friend

Of course he ends up being the worst roommate (Walking around in your underwear while your host has guests, using Cameron's toiletries, sleeping with Camille in Cameron's bed? Really Linus?) and the lousiest of friends

L: Look, I love both of you guys. I just don't see it happening.

Who would ever say that if not an insecure a$$h0le? I understand Fisher because he's clearly still hurting after his divorce:

F: What I can tell you from personal experience, some people make better friends than they do couples.

But Linus it's unforgivable to me and Cameron needs to get rid of him on the spot and reconsider his friendship with the guy.
I'm okay with Kirsten saying to Cameron not to wait for her because this is just episode 4 and she really needs to figure out what's going on with everything and I'm also okay with Nina. I think the show is going in the right direction and I hope they will focus on Cameron's change of character because I still think it's something deeper than just "I died and now I want to live".

As I was saying Eric is away for the weekend so yesterday I watched EVERYTHING. I got up. Made myself a cappuccino and sat in front of my Mac all day getting up just to eat, drink and pee. It was glorious! I think I didn's say a word all day or maybe I screamed at the screen sometimes, I don't recall. It can sounds pretty scary but I loved it LOL! I mean, I've been pretty active the past week and yesterday it rained and it wasn't as hot as usual... Wait? Why am I justifing myself? It's not like my dad can read this... :D

Now I just have to catch up with 3 epidodes of Legends Of Tomorrow, 2 episodes of The Family and 2 episodes of Damien. I'm not very happy with these 3 shows at the moment but I want to give them a chance.

I've just finished Outlander and the episode was fantastic. It made me laugh so hard at moments. The Wax scene was hilarious and I thought it was just perfect but then Jamie's reaction made it even more awesome. Murtagh continues to be my hero and I'm enjoying the new characters. It still has its dark moments but it's Outlander and after what Jamie went through on the season finale it's understandable. My favourtite scenes:

  • The Wax Scene

  • Jamie's reaction to the "loss of the forest" and the red dress.

  • The Minister of the Finances makes a move on Claire and Jamie throws him in the lake followed by the best dialogue ever.

  • The King of France trying to use the toilet while everyone makes suggestions.

  • Every scene with Murtagh in it!